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Sarah from Pattern Union has been developing quite a complex zero waste pattern and it’s finally ready for the real world!

This is another pattern that develops and uses skills that are a bit unusual. It is described as follows:

The Edith Smock can be made as a blouse and a high or low waisted dress. The pattern is zero or minimal waste and comes with a belt pattern and instructions to make a zero-waste slip for when your dress fabric is sheer. It features pockets with a button tab detail and full sleeves with button tabs. It comes with an embroidery template for the neckline and belt.The instructions come with video links to assist your sewing journey.Sizes S - XXXLDownloads include PDF A4/US Letter home print,  A0 Shop Copy and Instructions. The projector friendly A0 Shop Copy is trimless and has an optional grid layer for calibration. The patterns can be printed with layers, so you only need to print your individual size which is recommended. There is also a handy envelope design to assist storage and reference.This pattern has a lot of ease, so please refer to the instructions when selecting your size.

My first Edith was made back in January when Sarah was still finalising the design. I used the fabric I had block printed at Woven Stories Textiles as I didn’t want to waste a bit of it.

The pattern has some really neat details, I love the front yoke and the fact that I was able to use my block printed border on it.

I didn’t smock this one, I just left the front gathered. You can see I took this photo in the rain as I was trying out a belt with it. I didn’t have enough fabric left to make a belt, but a pattern for one is included. I had a scrap left and sewed it together at the pattern to make an appliqué patch where I had a bit of a bald spot at the back.

I really like this top with a belt and am going to make a leather one to go with it.

I have worn this top quite a bit since January, including for a catchup with Megan and Katherine so we could compare our makes made from the block printing day.

Back in January I also made a gingham version. The fabric was a remnant also from Woven Stories Textiles and had a piece cut out at both ends. This is usually very difficult to accommodate with zero waste, but because the Edith is an actual pattern, rather than lines drawn on fabric, I was able to cut it out, with minimal waste.

I simply added a piece from the bottom to the top. I can’t even find the join now.

This is my waste from the two tops, including the interfacing scraps.

Once again, I have worn my gingham smock a lot over summer. This one I smocked, embroidered, and used those tiny scraps above to sew an elasticated “belt” for the back.

I loved doing the bit of embroidery round the neck and really enjoyed choosing the colours of the threads. Sarah even includes an embroidery template with the pattern, as well as different ways to achieve the smocked look.

Having seen and tried on Sarah’s floaty dresses I decided I needed one too, even though it’s definitely not my style. I found a beautiful viscose that I bought at Textile Traders in their closing down sale, and I had luckily bought a lot of it, so had enough to make the dress.

Sarah and I made a different style of belt for this one, the leather for which came from the sofa I found on the verge.

I love all my Ediths and here they are shown seated.

This looks like quite a straightforward pattern but it’s not. It has a neat little insert at the shoulder and a diamond shaped “label”, which can be sewn on the inside or the outside, anywhere on the garment. It is nice with the sleeve tabs, which can be eliminated and turned into the belt. It is a fun garment to make and I love the fact that different looks can be achieved with different levels of drape.

The pattern is currently on sale at Pattern Union and at $15 is an absolute steal. Just in case you haven’t been able to determine the finished styles from my photos, here is the line drawing showing high waisted and low waisted dresses, and the smock.

As with all Sarah’s patterns, there is a lot of support with the making from her YouTube channel, the links for which are provided with the pattern instructions.


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  1. I love the smocks and the dress, though it’s a bit voluminous for me. The smock with smocking is really sweet. I keep meaning to try a zero waste kaftan pattern I’ve got in an old 70s book. Maybe this will be the year.

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