Black wool trousers

A couple of years ago, with Sarah’s help I drafted a pair of wide legged trousers using the Winifred Aldrich book, Metric Pattern Cutting for Women. I’ve made a few pairs of these trousers so knew the fit was pretty good but they are all summer versions, so thought I’d cut a pair of winter ones from this gorgeous Italian wool remnant I bought in Stockholm. Please note the word “remnant” – I had a scant metre of the fabric – in fact, it was a yard. Not enough for trousers, but I wanted trousers, so I did what anyone would do and lowered the waistline and pieced together a wide waistband.


When I wear them with my silk and cotton Nottingham top from Itch to Stitch, you can’t even tell. The scarf is a magnificent naturally dyed silk which was a gift from my friend Sophie. Also wearing Letitzia suede loafers from a shop that has now closed down.

It was hard to take a photograph on my so I laid them out flat so you can see the curved waistband which is really comfortable and sits very flat against my waist.


The wool is extremely fine and fairly tightly woven, but I still wanted to line the trousers to make them a bit warmer and to stop them stretching out.

I used some black silk that I had in my stash and just lined them to the knee. I had meant to go to just below the knee but misjudged somehow so the lining finishes above the knee, which is a bit useless, but still feels quite luxurious.


I decided to add hanging loops in the side seams of the waist band, but I’m not sure why as I note that I’m not using them. I contorted the trousers so that I could sew the lining to the zip using a hidden seam. I learned this technique in my patternmaking class and it’s proven to be very useful. 34962532_10160398530230063_5112002416526491648_n (1)

I love these trousers with my Carbeth Cardigan which seems to be the perfect length.


I can wear these trousers with many of my handknits and jackets and they’ve been worn at least once a week since I made them a few weeks ago. Here I’ve teamed them with Marni boots.DSC01041

These are a basic wardrobe staple and I anticipate wearing them a lot for the next few winters.





20 thoughts on “Black wool trousers

    1. OK! I am about to blog a couple of skirts that aren’t black and to which I attached the lining to the zip, so shall add this as a tutorial. Thank you for your interest.

  1. Good save. They look very cosy for our current cold weather. I find a curved waistband much more comfortable than a rectangular one as I don’t have a gap between ribs and hips for it to sit in. I don’t know why they don’t feature more often.

  2. What a great addition to your wardrobe 🙂 Those trousers work well with everything you wore them for the pictures and I like the wide fit. Can’t believe you made them out of one yard of fabric, witchery!

  3. How clever to manage the way you did with so little fabric! The waistband looks wonderful. And we all need such lovely wool pants. I too look forward to your tutorial on contorting the seam to finish off the lining next to the zipper!

  4. Love these, oh to have you skill (sigh). It is great how you can adapt the fabrics. I may need to re-learn knitting because that cardigan is adorable ♥️

  5. Your trousers look good with everything you combine and the fit and proportions are spot on. I love that you have lined them with the silk. All the details make them so luxurious.

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