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I’ve had this 1930s pattern for a long time and couldn’t imagine ever making it, but tah dah, with a bit of pattern modifying and help from Sarah of Workspace Fashion and Design School, I’ve done it!

The pattern is Home Journal 4463 and calls for a 34 inch bust, which I don’t have, although the other measurements are slightly larger than mine. Cue this aubergine knit from the Morrison sale and my bust issues were solved. For people not from Perth, Morrison is a local designer and a couple of times a year they sell their excess fabric to the Perth sewists. It’s usually high quality fabric and very reasonably priced.


Anyway, I have now converted this “evening frock” as described on the pattern packet to a “daytime frock”. I am even becoming enamoured of the term “frock”!

There are some lovely details in this dress. The shoulders are shirred, and there is a deep v neck front and back fitting into a beautifully shaped bodice.


The front and back are almost identical, and I’m not convinced I’ve got it on the right way round in these photos!


The sleeves are really big and may have been a contender for the sleevefest challenge on Instagram. As it is, I am going to double dip this dress, entering it for the magamsewalong hosted by Sarahlizsewstyle,  as well as for the vintage pledge.

The dress is longer than I would normally wear, but it’s necessary to get the benefit from the shape of the skirt. I took it to Hobart with me recently and wore it to visit the Lady Franklin Museum of Fine Art, which was opened in 1843. It is called Ancanthe, meaning “Vale of Flowers”, and is located in Lenah Valley, which was where Mark’s mother lived. IMG_6720

It is a beautifully proportioned little building in the Greek style. IMG_6725

As I was travelling I didn’t have a good choice of shoes, and I think these ballet flats are a bit, um, flat, but the colour matches pretty well.


I had planned to wear this dress to the Dior Exhibition in Melbourne, but the weather went pear shaped on me, so I reverted to plan B.

On another note, the winner of the Itch-to-Stitch giveaway is Celine. Celine, congratulations and if you read this could you please email me on s.stoney@mac.com to claim your prize.


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  1. What a clever pattern. It has so kwny interesting details. The color and the drape of the fabric are lovely as well and I think the length is just right 🙂

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