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When I caught up with my lovely friend Hélène in Montréal earlier this year, she showed me a pair of vintage shorts she had bought with a really interesting construction. The shorts were floral, made from rayon, I think, and had this really interesting pocket construction which included a hidden closure. I immediately wanted a pair! Cue the Megan Nielsen Flints, and like much of the sewing world I swooned over this pattern; but my love begins and ends with the shorts. Those pants would look ridiculous on me!  Every summer I think I’m going to make all the shorts and I finish up fairly discontented with whatever I produce, but not this year, oh no, I am completely besotted with the Flints.


First up is a floral pair, which I made as a wearable toile. I bought three pieces of floral fabric from the op shop including this piece, which I believe is quilting cotton. I had the smallest piece of fabric (of course!) and thus very little wastage, which always makes me really happy.


They are the easiest shorts to make, and the pattern instructions are clear and simple. This pair finished up a little large, so I threaded some elastic through the back of the waistband and it brought the waist in just enough to feel like a good fit, and it’s not at all noticeable.


These floral shorts go with so many of my tops, including the self-drafted cream top above and my green Astoria.


I love the tie closure on these shorts, and the fact that the pocket is the means by which the shorts are put on and taken off, but I find that the tie means that I either have to wear short tops or tuck in my shirts. In the photo above you might notice that lump above my left hip? Suffice it to say that it isn’t me! I have sadly resolved that future shorts will have the button closure instead of the tie.

This salmon coloured top was rubbed off from a RTW top which I wore until it fell apart, but my own version hasn’t been a massive success. The fabric is a beautiful jersey from the Morrison sale and it drapes beautifully and I’m afraid I haven’t done it justice.  In this photo I had just pulled it off the line as I wanted to wear it, and now I think I should have pressed it first. I took the top to Hobart and Melbourne with me and wore it a few times, but felt that the shoulders were too wide so I’ve basically remade it since I got home and think it’s much more wearable now.


I’m not a massive fan of the tucked in look as I seem to become dishevelled quite quickly.

I also made this white pair, going down a size and lengthening the legs by 5cm, although they don’t look any longer than the floral ones!


White is a bit of a funny colour, I thought it would go with everything, but my favourite top is my eco-dyed one made from an old pillow case, which I love and wear at every opportunity.


These shorts are a little diaphanous, so I have to be careful with what I wear under them, but they are useful.

We took some truly lovely photos of the floral shorts in the Fitzroy Gardens when we were in Melbourne recently, and whilst the weather was glorious, but I managed to delete them all; so stupid. We attempted a re-enactment the next day and I was in the gardens in shorts in damp and windy weather. I did manage to enjoy the company of these two gentlemen, but I don’t think they were that interested in my Flints!


This won’t be the last you see of my Flints – I have another few pairs planned, and I have also hacked the pattern into a skirt with, I think, some success, so stay tuned.

The necklace I’m wearing in the first photo was bought from a local maker at the Fibres West retreat, I’m sorry that I don’t have her name or details, which is very careless of me, but it is beautifully made with some lovely buttons.


34 thoughts on “Flint fandom

  1. Your Flint shorts are gorgeous, you can wear these so well! I even love the front pleats here which I didn‘t like so much in a lot of versions. It suits you really well. I have the intention to make a long version but at the same time I am afraid of the volume. I am looking forward seeing what else you will make of the pattern!

  2. Your shorts look fantastic! I find shorts a real workhorse of my summer wardrobe but also very hard to get right. I tend to stick to the same pattern year after year for that reason.

  3. Yes, all your shorts are great, but omg, your legs are fantastic. I avoid wearing shorts for this reason, I don’t like my legs. I might have to take another look as I do think the length of your shorts are perfect. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you! I kept my legs covered until I was well into my twenties as I got teased about them at school. I am enjoying these shorts though so would encourage you to give them a go

  4. Your two pairs of Flints shorts are wonderful! The fit is awesome in you. Hey, so glad you remember the vintage floral shorts I showed you in May. In fact, I replaced them with new floral Flints as well. And I also hacked the pattern into a white linen skirt, which I love. This is my favorite pattern ever!

  5. You’re making me consider buying the pattern after all. I really like how these turned out, especially the floral ones! I think they look lovely with cropped tops and tucked in 🙂

  6. These do look great on you Sue! I have also just made the shorts and, whilst I’m not a shorts person, am quickly becoming part of the Flint Fandom too. Bonus that they will be a cool option in the summer heat as well.

    1. I agree with the fact that the Flint pattern would be good on many figure types. I’m glad you like my necklace, I would love to have a go at making one.

  7. These shorts are very cute but more importantly WHY DIDN’T YOU TWO CALL ME WHEN YOU WERE IN TOWN???

    1. Oh, now I don’t know, but assume that it’s because I thought you’d be super busy and perhaps wouldn’t know who I was – all my insecurities come to the fore when I contact famous people! Next time I shall definitely get in touch!

  8. Oh dear. If you keep this up I will have to stop simply following you and start actually making myself the clothes I am drooling over (and learn, or re-learn, trouser fitting).

  9. Sue I am not sure you will return to this bog commentary – but I must say that while I think the shorts are great on you, I love the dyed cotton cropped top, and I am not sure if you have noticed that in the centre of the front the imprint is of a person – head arms body, and perhaps sitting with legs crossed like a yoga pose! Hope you can see it too – 💙 it.

    1. Wow! I had not noticed! I dyed this fabric at Muresk – it was one of the pillowcases we had to take – and I absolutely love it. Now I love it more!

      1. I knew I recognised it, because that particular black that came off of either the pot someone bought with them, or the grenade 😃. Yes I love it too, so think of me if you ever think of casting it off! On another matter, do you have a fav pattern designer and are MN’s patterns good value – email me if you aren’t able to say here – toodles

      2. It was the grenade I think, and you’ll have first refusal if I ever get rid of it! I’ve emailed you re fav designers – I have a few!

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