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I was inspired by Kate from fabrickated to make the Lorelle jumper by Kari-Helene Rane (check out her swoonworthy patterns on Ravelry). Kate’s jumper is much more elegant than mine, and I need to point out that this is the first jumper she’s knitted – ever!


My jumper proved really hard to photograph. I made several attempts as I have worn it a lot on this trip. You can’t see any of the lovely detail at the yoke or around the bottom, except in this photograph where Mark and I are busy having yet another cream tea (think scones, jam and clotted cream).


I used some charcoal coloured wool that I bought in Iceland earlier this year. It is Lettlopi and it is made in Iceland, which is nice. It is an aran weight and this jumper is designed for something much finer, but I decided not to be put off by this, as I knew the finished jumper would be really warm and useful.


I knitted a swatch and noticed that it shrank quite a lot and felted a little when it was washed, so I made my jumper one size bigger and to my horror, found I’d made a dress! The bottom of this jumper was at my knees. I washed and blocked it, but it was still far too big, and it smelt of wet sheep, even when it was dry. I love sheep, but walking round in a cloud of eau de ewe probably isn’t high on my list of priorities, so I gave it another little wash, but in slightly warmer water and I do admit to a bit of agitation. The result is what you see here, still a little large, but I think another wash and it might fit better. The smell has also gone, I’m pleased to report.

This jumper is so warm that I can usually wear it with just a couple of layers under and no coat. I did add a knitted scarf and my Lotus Blossom hat. Here I am in Great Malvern, near my sister’s house.



and lolling around in the most marvellous B&B in Woodstock. This is a 15th century coaching inn and it’s not hard to imagine it with horses and carriages rolling over cobbled streets outside. It is also just a few metres away from the gardens at Blenheim Palace.


Please note my poppy. A really charming thing here is that local knitting groups make poppies for sale for Remembrance Day and I now have a collection of crocheted poppies. I might even have a go at making my own next year.

Here I am having fun with my sister in Worcester.


On the beach in Poole. I can’t believe the quality of the sky at sunset here. It is so much more pearlescent than at home.


I really love the quaint bridges, and this one is over a stream in a park in Bournemouth. There are a line of such bridges in this park.img_8197

and a last one of that sky and my dress jumper.


I am already planning another of these jumpers for next year, and this time it will definitely be a little more elegant.



11 thoughts on “Lorelle jumper

  1. What a treat to see a ‘famous blogger’ in my home (or at least work) town of Bournemouth. The gardens are lovely to spend time in my lunch break but I never really notice the bridges anymore – how nice to have them brought to my attention again. Lovely jumper!

  2. Your jumper sounds so lovely and warm and you manged to make it wearable. Love the details in the pattern pity they are not the visible in the photos. Wondering what size swatch you knitted? These days I am doing 30 stitches and 6 inches high, gives me a lot better idea of how my fabric is going to behave.

  3. Your jumper looks fantastic! It looks cozy and totally fashionable – loose jumpers are so in right now! It’s true that the cute details pop out more on a lighter grey tone like Kate’s (isn’t she skilled? I’m jealous). But yours is lovely too and you style it like a pro. So many great pictures in this post!

  4. I’m sure you have appreciated a warm jumper with the weather here – not quite Aussie warm! I did giggle at your description of the eau de ewe – funny from here but frightful to live with. I will check that designers work on Ravelry as your jumper (and Kates) look great.

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