White Russian with pockets

I have made quite a number of Capital Chic Patterns White Russians, (blue one, white one, black one, knitted one, this one, and pink one, and quite possibly others I’ve forgotten about!), but I decided to make yet another, but add pockets.


Here I am posing outside the very house I was born in – in fact, that upstairs window denotes the room.

I decided to add pockets that had zips as I thought they would be more secure for my things whilst travelling. Sadly I made the welts longer than the zips so I added the little leather tabs at the end. And of course, some coverstitching around the outside!


The back view – looking through the fence at RAF Halton, where my father trained as a pilot.afe135d7-ffad-4a9a-897f-59697794744c

and here I am trespassing on the premises!


I have worn this top quite a bit; here I am at the foot of the Malvern Hills on a chilly morning. Loving this view, and the light!8a5f5c3d-f68f-4ae4-9192-3bd61b3ee25a

and here I am with my lovely big sister in Weobley. We were busy showing Mark all the black and white buildings.


Speaking of my big sister, Mark managed to catch us having a laugh. We see each other very rarely – our family circumstances meant that we haven’t lived together since I was four years old, and then we left her behind in England when we went to Australia, as she was already married with children. However, whenever we catch up, we have an instant connection and it’s like we see each other all the time. Quite marvellous really. 2a9dc64e-ab67-4303-b3d8-4ecc9727b32b

Just a couple of other photos: I managed to get to Guthrie & Ghani outside Birmingham. Such a lovely shop, full of charm and wonderful things to buy.


We also visited Bourneville, the home of Cadbury. Of course Mark managed to catch me with a mouth full of chocolate! However, you might recognise this building, which is featured on some of the Cadbury products. This was the most gorgeous little town, built by John Cadbury, who was a Quaker, so there is no drinking establishment!7be9dfdb-854a-49c0-a05d-7833c1f016da

and finally, one last shot of my sister and me!663f97f0-16d2-41e5-955e-cf6bf8b53946



31 thoughts on “White Russian with pockets

  1. Glad to know you more, Sue. How lovely for you and your sister to catch up again. Pretty top and the pockets are fabulous 🙂

  2. First, I love that top – how creative to add the little leather trim to fill in the welt! Wonderful to spend time with your big sister – lovely that you feel such a connection even though you haven’t lived close to each other for all those years – a special bond. Enjoy your special adventure!!

  3. Lovely photos of your chilhood place and of you and your sister. This post carries so much happiness and beauty. Thank you!

  4. Love the clothes as always but most of all it’s great seeing you have such a great time with your sister.x

  5. Those leather tabs are great–if you hadn’t told us you were covering up a mistake, we all would have thought they were an incredibly cool design element! Have fun on your travels!

  6. It always helps the rest of us when you tell us how to cope with the mistakes. The more ideas the better!
    We went to Weobley this summer – I bought some 1970s photograph coasters in a charity shop & we worked out from the signpost on one of them that they must feature Weobley. We’ve now got 2016 photos of the same views waiting to be turned into mats

  7. Well Sue if you hadn’t told about making the welts too long everybody would have thought that the little leather tabs where planned. The reverse coverstitching around the outside is also a beautiful feature. Thank you for sharing your moments with your big sister and all the beautiful pictures from England.

  8. That’s a very useful top and I can see why you have multiples. The pockets are great – I can’t work out why I haven’t used zips to prevent losses from pockets as it’s so obvious!
    I’m so glad you have enjoyed your time in the Midlands – and you can’t go to Bournville and not eat chocolate!

  9. Glad you had such a lovely reunion with your sister, and such lovely weather too! Enjoy the chocolate- just don’t get it on that lovely white top. By the way, I took one of your neck pillows on holiday with me and it has now become indispensable!

  10. Spending time with your sister would be very special. If you hadn’t told us about the welt pockets we wouldn’t have been any the wiser as the leather tabs are a wonderful detail.

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