Emmaline gets a bed

Hands up if you remember Emmaline, the doll I made for a very special baby girl? Well, I was always a bit concerned that she was living in a box and for some reason I had quite a visceral reaction to this fact (I suffer from anthropomorphism, apparently), so I’ve made her a carry basket/basinette, complete with bedding.


I made a pillow and mattress from some quilting cotton I had in my stash. The pillow gave me the opportunity to use my ruffler foot, sewing the ruffle straight onto the pillow. IMG_8277

here is Emmaline ensconced in her new bed. I also made her a pair of pyjamas from some fleece scraps. I did originally make her some silk pyjamas, as every girl needs silk pyjamas, but they weren’t very robust and I didn’t think they would survive a child pulling them on and off, so she got this rather matronly pair.


I also made her a quilt, which I backed with some organic cotton, and used the ruffler again for the edging.


The basket is made from two different lots of macro suede bought separately, but which are identical in colour. I decided that macro suede would be ideal for this basket as it’s strong, tough and hard wearing. I interfaced it so that the sides would be a bit more rigid, and used some plastic from REmidaΒ (a recycling facility)Β Β in the base. I got the pattern for the basket from a book I bought in an op-shop, called the “Treasury of Dolls and Cuddly Toys”

dolls and cuddly toys

It’s a great book. The basket is so big, though, that baby may not be able to lift it until she’s five!

It’s a little known fact that Emmaline has an evil twin called Enid. Enid tested the all the outfits and the basket for me, but she does lie there looking, er, a bit evil!


Emmaline now has a reasonable sized wardrobe and I am hoping that she brings baby H years of pleasure. I have made sure that everything is washable and that she can survive the rigours of being a plaything.


As for me, I can now rest easy that she has a proper bed, bedding and nightwear. I am also going to add this to my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe: Sleepwear Edition. Not sure if it’s valid, but I’ll give it a go.


26 thoughts on “Emmaline gets a bed

  1. sleeping in style…. you have created a real treasure and I am sure that this present will be forwarded to the next generation.
    ciao ciao from this end of the world….Christa

  2. Emmaline and her bed and wardrobe are very lovely. Her quilt is adorable, and her pajamas are perfect for a very young mommy. I went through a doll-making phase, but found them sitting around unused and unloved, because I live in Mexico and my granddaughters in the USA have all turned into young adults while I wasn’t looking, so I gradually found young owners for them here. I even made a three-foot doll from a free online Japanese pattern, Abstemious Cindy. That was fun but then I had this giant creature sitting around. I finally found a home for her with a special needs young lady. I have since controlled my urges to make any further dolls. Well, except for Christmas, when I permit myself to make Santas and elves, and Halloween, when I make a witch or two.

    Just a suggestion: Make sure her hair is attached very securely all around. Hair takes a beating with young mommies handling their little ones. Especially if they decide to brush or comb it. Ask me how I know this. hahaha

    1. I think the saddest thing about doll making is not finding someone to love them, so I control my urges too, as I don’t have grandchildren (yet). I have tried to sew her hair on well, but if it comes off, I don’t think it will be hard to reattach. Thank you for the lovely comment.

  3. I like Enid best and really want to adopt her. I hope that you will ensure she too is well looked after and get as many clothes as her twin, but in nasty colours and ghastly fabrics.

    1. I hate to tell you Kate, but Enid hangs around in her box stark naked! I just use her as an Emmaline substitute when I want to try things out. She lays there giving me the evil pink eye!!

      1. I guess that is what happens to Enids. But a woman who puts other people’s UFOs back together may just be tempted to create a little something for a naked dolly.

  4. You have inspired me to get fiddly and make a cloth doll. Fingers crossed the first attempt does not resemble Emmaline’s evil twin! I was mad for dolls as a little girl and very sadly only had one hard plastic dolly with a cheap dress. I did my best to fashion other clothes for her with cloth scraps and paper and made her a bed from a shoe box. I was so jealous of my friends who had fancy dolls and clothing and really did not bother with them much! And what a good use for little scraps of beloved fabric. Thanks for the inspiration, this will be fun.

    1. Ooh, I hope so Mary. I was just sent photos of the baby laughing at the doll, and it made everything so worth while. Do send me a photo of your doll when you make her – I’m sure she’ll be beautiful.

  5. that’s adorable!! I’m feeling a bit sad and loving towards Enid, I must admit. Please please make a pair of silk pjs for her too! In fact, I think maybe I need to make something silky and luscious for my Sally doll πŸ˜‰

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