Named Kielo wrap dress

The Named Clothing Kielo wrap dress has been popping up literally everywhere and it was in the back of my mind to make when my friend Hélène proposed that we both make it (merci Hélène!).

I had the pattern printed and traced super quickly, but then faffed around trying to decide what fabric to use. I even laid out the pattern on some viscose knit and pattern matched and everything before changing my mind and going with yet more silk/cotton knit from Knitwit.


This time I used this rather gorgeous green, but as I was making it I began to worry that I would look as though I had emerged from a swamp! This dress will henceforth be known as my “swamp dress” :).

I did worry about the sizing. I should really have sized down a couple of sizes at the hips but decided to risk it because I actually couldn’t be bothered printing out a second pattern to do the grading. You can see that the wrap part overlaps at the front, where it perhaps shouldn’t. The pattern is also designed for someone 10cms taller than I am, but I didn’t have a clue how to accommodate a reduction, so I left that too. It doesn’t appear to be too long in the body – I was concerned that the wrap part would be around my knees!


There have been a load of reviews on this dress, so I won’t add to them. Yes, the pattern is quick to tape together because the pattern pieces are nested, and I really like that. I traced the nested pieces out separately and simply sewed the pattern pieces together to make a single pattern piece. Worked like a charm.

As you can see, I also printed off the free sleeve pattern, and it’s brilliant. The sleeve pattern also comes with a little armhole adjustment, but it’s easy to do, so don’t be put off by the pattern pieces. DSC08195

I chopped the bottom off the dress as a short dress is more useful to me than a long one, and this did cause me a bit of angst. I somehow didn’t make the bottom of the dress level and then I really struggled to make it level when I hemmed it. I also forgot to leave a gap at the back seam for a vent so cunningly put vents in the side seams, but I don’t think it was such a successful move. The dress doesn’t hang properly, so I unpicked the coverstitching that I had put round the two vents (what a pain!) and sewed further down the side seams, leaving very small splits. Originally the front of my dress was longer than the back and now the back seems to be longer than the front. I am considering my options here. I may just level the whole thing up and sew the seams all the way down to the bottom.


I also added a wide bias binding at the neckline to make it a bit higher for winter, and it probably could have been tighter, but I got sick of unpicking it. When I make a summer version I will eliminate this. DSC08198

I had several attempts to photograph this dress, making alterations after reviewing each set of photographs, and at some point Archie decided to join me – he’s busy annoying me by tickling my neck here.DSC08175

This will be the perfect dress for my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe: Destination challenge with the Facebook group. It’s going to form part of my capsule travel wardrobe and it can be layered for cooler weather which is a bonus. What’s nice is that the wrap can go either to the front or the back for different looks. DSC08162

In spite of its deficiencies, I think I will get a lot of wear from this dress. It’s a terrific pattern.


26 thoughts on “Named Kielo wrap dress

  1. The one word that came to mind here is ‘perseverance’ for this lovely dress! All the unpicking and re-sewing….. appreciate your blunt honesty with some of your struggles at even your high skill level! This dress is a great shade of green and looks terrific layered like in your last picture. And what a neat son you have! 🙂

    1. thank you Lisa, I really appreciate you saying this – the dress isn’t perfect but I know it will get worn a lot. As to the son, well, hmm, he torments me because he’s bigger than me!!

  2. I really like this dress. I’ve been a bit on the fence about this pattern. Your version has tipped me over to the wow I want to sew it side.

    And that son of yours. Is he a giant or are you a midget IRL?!

  3. Oh, Sue! You’re an Olympic sewist, always the fastest! And with no surprise, your version stands out. I love the olive green you picked, it suits you beautifully and the ties look stylish both ways. Yes, you probably could have gone one size down, but honestly, the fit looks great as is. This dress really looks impressive and I’m sure you’ll get loads of compliments. What a great pattern from these young girls at Named, n’est-ce pas? I’m amazed by their work. My own Kielo is still in progress… will I even get a bronze medal? dunno, but it’s coming well. Lovely pic with your adorable Archie!

    1. thank you so much Hélène, you really did inspire me. Yes, those Named patterns are fabulous, the whole thing went together so well. I will size down in the hips for the next one – I think I just need to take a bit off the pointy pieces, I don’t think it will be hard, now I’ve done it. Looking forward to yours!

  4. This looks very cosy and stylish. I like the ties at the front best. You probably don’t need the slits for the shorter length (?) But you might as well leave them be as an additional feature. Lovely fabric!

  5. What a flattering and style and colour – you look fantastic. I really like the wrap effect to break up the dress and the fact you shortened it does make it more appealing as a more useful style of dress, great idea. I’ve seen a few of these kielo dresses popping up too, and whilst they are gorgeous I do like this shorter length, and especially in a more wintryish fabric, it works really well.

  6. The dress it cute, the boots with bows are gorgeous but the best part is the picture of you and Archie!

  7. Looks great on you Sue… love the name of it too. I think it’s a great looking dress and looks super warm. I like the little uneven hem. Hmmm I thought you looked tall, but boy Archie makes you look tiny!

  8. I love that color and it suits you perfect. It even matches the back of your sculpture… which is also a great piece of art….
    greetings from the Lake of Constance, Christa

    1. Thank you Christa, I’m glad you like my mossy sculpture, and you’re right, I hadn’t noticed that it matches my dress. I shall have to stand near it whenever I wear the dress! 🙂

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