Named Kanerva blouse

This was one of the patterns I chose as part of my prize for the Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge. I already have a couple of the Named patterns and thought I was going to struggle to find another one that would fit into my wardrobe needs. Then I saw this pattern and knew it would be perfect, and so it proved to be.

DSC08142I have made this first version in a piece of light cotton sprigged with small brown flowers. It’s lingered in my stash for a few years now, so I’m happy it’s made up ready for the warmer weather to appear, as it inevitably will.


What can I tell you about this pattern? Apart from its general loveliness, it was a breeze to make. The instructions are extremely clear and everything lines up really nicely, which is always a relief to me. The only alteration I made was to drop the bust darts by 2.5cm, and I might need to shorten them a bit too. The peplum is so lovely. It is a perfect shape and length.


My only issue is that I can’t dress myself! I require assistance to get those buttons at the back done up. However, when I’ve been buttoned in and turned loose on the world, I am totally happy.


This top has made me realise that all my white trousers are looking really tired, so I have new white jeans on the sewing table.

When I read the instructions I managed to not notice that stretch fabric was suggested to avoid the issue of getting the buttons done up, and so I immediately set about making one from some beautiful silk and cotton knit from Knitwit (currently on sale), which I’ve had in my stash since Knitwit first stocked it.


It is still a bit chilly so I have several layers on under this top, which is what is causing the wrinkles. Here is a better look without me in it.


I used the reverse coverstitch again to add some interesting detail. DSC08134

Both of these blouses are going to become part of my capsule travel wardrobe for the next Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe which is a “destination” challenge. I think I’ll be creating two capsule wardrobes – one for summer travel and one for trans-seasonal travel.


27 thoughts on “Named Kanerva blouse

  1. GAH! That silk/cotton is lovely. There was no trouble with the armholes? I’ve only made one Named top, the Inari. But, the armholes were so big that the top is unwearable. I’ve been a little gun-shy after that.

    1. Oh I made the Inari and didn’t have that problem although I think the sleeves were tight. The woven kanerva is very snug but the knit is perfect. Shame about yours!

  2. Both tops are equally lovely – you look fabulous in each one – and I couldn’t say which version I prefer. You know I bought this pattern a while ago, when it was released. The PDF is all assembled, cut and ready to use, but why on earth didn’t I make it? I don’t know, I guess I was waiting for you to make it first, so I could copy you once again. 😉

  3. Both tops are gorgeous! I have some olive and some navy of that silk cotton knit, both for cardigans. Such yummy fabric

  4. These tops are so flattering, most peplums are gathered so it’s nice to see a different type and love the split over the bum. I think I need to make some of the these, they look great on you.

  5. Both lovely but I prefer the knit version. Well I would, it’s orangey. I love the back button detail but I know I’d struggle to cope. Is the knit easier to cope with?

  6. You have inspired me to make this pattern up. It looks really lovely. My daughter also has this pattern earmarked for me to make up for her.

  7. Sue, great pattern which is flattering and the floral looks very romantic. What are the pants you are wearing? they look lovley too.

  8. I love these on you, particularly the knit, very flattering. I read somewhere that the trick with the buttons down the back is to do up a couple that are hard to reach then slip the top on and then do up the reachable ones, might be worth a try. I’m about to become the proud owner of a coverstich, I hope I can get mine to look as good as yours

    1. Ooh, you will be coverstitching all the things too – what fun! I did try doing up a couple of buttons but the woven top is just too fitted. The back of the knit one is sewn down with faux buttons and I just pull it over my head – way to go, methinks!

  9. I love tops with peplums and these are lovely.
    I have a back buttoned top – it’s a size bigger than it should be & goes on & off fine. Think yours has to be more fitted though

    1. I agree Norma, peplums are the best, and I adore anything with buttons up the back, although they can be a pain. Knit versions solve all the problems.

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