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I’ve been participating in the Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe: Sleepwear Edition on Facebook, and I have to make six pieces. I managed five and then got distracted by other shiny things, and also couldn’t think of what I needed, and I hate sewing for the sake of it. Then the next SSW came out and it was the Destination Edition. Travel! Lightbulb moment! I need travel pyjamas!


I shopped my stash for some lightweight and breathable fabric and found this really nice pink cotton knit remnant from Knitwit. I decided to use my pattern blocks to make these. The t-shirt block is very fitted, which I quite like, but I did straighten out the body  and add a couple of centimetres in width. With the pants, I simply eliminated the dart and put in an elastic waist.


I am really happy with the fit – I dislike baggy pyjamas. The ones I usually use are grey cotton knit ones given out on Qantas flights (well, they used to be, they don’t seem to do it any more) and the choice of sizes is L or XL. They have a large Qantas kangaroo emblazoned across the front and are pretty boring and very unglamorous, especially when everyone in the cabin is wearing them, like some sort of weird team!

Whilst my new ones aren’t massively glamorous, the pink is vaguely pretty, and pink is quite a calming colour, which is useful at bedtime. However, I needed to zhoozh them up a bit. I was going to flat lock the seams, but the overlocker didn’t enjoy doing this, so I simply cover stitched them from the inside using a contrasting thread in the looper, which gives a bit of visual interest. I was tempted to do every seam, but in my head I could hear my mother telling me to not gild the lilly!


One of the things I liked about the Qantas pyjamas is that they came in their own bag. I decided to use some scraps to make a bag for mine.


I found a piece of velvet ribbon which matched my coverstitching and am just able to pack the pyjamas into it.  Heidi came to hang out with me, and seems to approve!DSC08116These pyjamas will be definitely coming on our next trip. I like the colour and the fit, and they are remarkably comfortable and surprisingly warm. I might have to make another pair!


39 thoughts on “Travel pyjamas

  1. Love those comfy pyjamas…the contrast thread is a perfect touch. We share the same taste in sleepwear; knits prevail.

  2. Lovely comfy looking pj’s. I love the idea of making a matching bag – small but perfect!
    I had a ridiculous mental image of a sports team all wearing grey pj’s with kangaroos on! Very amusing 😀

  3. The cute little bag with velvet ribbon matching your coverstiching is the ultimate luxury detail. Exhausted Heidi, lounging on the sofa with one eye looking right to the camera, looks divine too!

    1. I was thrilled to find that small piece of velvet ribbon – funny how little things give the most pleasure. Heidi was exhausted, she had been on a farm for the weekend, playing with the sheep dogs. She had her head buried under the pillow for most of her visit! I am going to have to break her sofa sleeping habit as I’m about to recover it.

  4. Lovely Jim jams, I think the bag is sweet, I’ve not made any sleepwear yet but when I do it will have its own bag!

  5. I travelled on Qantas once and loved the outfits of the flight attendants. Their blouses were based on Aboriginal paintings and were lovely. The PJs on the other hand were a horrible shape and colour. Instead you should propose your lovely design and colour scheme to them – I am sure it would increase their custom. . I especially like the seaming detail and wish you had gone and gilded that lily even more.

    1. A lot of the Qantas design is based on Aboriginal paintings, which is lovely. I agree re the pyjamas though. So ugly, but the cotton isn’t too bad – I’ve cut a few of them up for pockets. I’m not sure that they provide PJs any more, probably a cost cutting exercise. I laughed about your gilding the lily comment – I might put a bit of stitching around the neck. It would be too hard to run it up the arm seams.

    1. I was thrilled with my contrast stitching. I can’t take credit for the bag – the Qantas ones (designed by Morrison) came in bags in the early days.

  6. Love the colour of travel pj’s. Heidi looks very comfortable and ready for bed also!
    Saw on Foxtel that they are have the “Sewing Bee program” starting on 23 August on Lifestyle!

  7. What a great pair of pajamas! The coverstitching offsets the pale pink fabric and really ‘zhoosh’s’ them up nicely! 🙂 P.S. I hope you don’t mine, but I joined the Facebook group after your last post mentioning them. It looks like a fun group!

    1. Oh Lisa, I’m thrilled you joined us! They are the nicest people and I totally look forward to your makes. I’m glad you like my pyjamas (I seem to spell this differently from everyone else!). They would look nice on you!

  8. Very cute pyjamas!
    I think I might be haunted by the image of a team in grey pyjamas with a kangaroo emblazoned on the front – I can see them sleepwalking!

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