Lounging pyjamas

It’s the Sleepwear Edition of the Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge on Facebook and I decided to make lounging pyjamas reminiscent of the 1930s, rather than something I would actually go to bed in.


I imagine myself draped languidly on a chaise, maybe with a glass of something splendid in my hand, as I twirl my pearls, utter pithy witticisms, and attempt to look sophisticated.


No? You can’t see it either? Oh, well, how about slumped in a chair, watching television whilst I attempt to crochet another basket? Much more realistic?  I agree!

OK, to the nitty gritty of these pyjamas. The fabric came from the Morrison fabric sale this year, so it hasn’t been in my stash for very long at all. I bought the roll, which gave me around 5 metres and it is silky and slippery fabric. It didn’t enjoy being pressed either, and the static electricity created is unbelievable. After I took these rather appalling photos I googled the problem and apparently need to run a wire coat hanger between me and them to get rid of the charge.


The trousers are made from my wide-legged trouser block (other makes here and here). I eliminated the zip and back dart, and put elastic in the waist, to make them comfortable for lounging.

The top was drafted during my pattern making class at Workspace-FADS and is actually a knock off from a well-known designer. It is a really comfortable and easy to wear top – perfect for lolling about in!

The construction of the top is pretty straightforward. The hardest part was turning the tie to the right side and turning the hem up. I like the long tail at the back, but might shorten it the next time I make it. I left off the cuffs as I thought they’d be more comfortable, but will definitely be including them next time. In fact, once I looked at these photos, I decided to put some elastic through the sleeves. I know I look as though I’ve seen something divine here, but I’m actually looking at a part of the house that needs painting!!


Much better I think.


Although these are supposed to be a set, I thought I would maximise their usefulness by separating the pieces and coordinating them with other things. The top, in particular, is nice (nicer?) with fitted black trousers, or even white jeans.


I have lounged around in these, but it’s pretty chilly here, so I had to wear a jumper under them :). I’m actually looking forward to making this top again in a nicer fabric. I have several options in mind – all from my stash of course!





17 thoughts on “Lounging pyjamas

  1. If I didn’t read frequent updates of your basket making I would completely believe your life was all pearls and witticisms! These are fabulous and I do like the unusual top design. Happy lounging!

  2. I agree with megan, you look quite at home twirling the pearls. The top especially is lovely, the long tail at the back looks great. One needs lots of lounging clothes

  3. Lounging pyjamas look great! Love the colour, the silkiness and the length at the bac of the topk. Suggestion: would a bottle of spray-on Antistatic be a whole lot easier than the wire coat hanger??? I keep several bottles on hand and spray the insides of static-y items prior to dressing. Works a treat! (though am sure you are aware of this option).

    1. Thanks Rachel – I hadn’t actually thought of an anti-static spray. I know that hairspray can do the trick, but couldn’t face it. Off to check out your option!!

  4. Another for anti static is handcream on your legs, works a treat for me. Your lounging outfit looks so glamorous and you certainly look glamorous with your pearls.

  5. You look very much the part lounging in your pearls. All you need is to practise more!
    The outfit looks good, and very usefully splits to wear with alternatives. I love that top – the details weren’t obvious when you were lounging. The back tail is sweet.

  6. Your new lounging set looks great especially worn with this unique sense of humour of yours! Very British in fact. I was thinking of Maggie Smith’s delightful witticisms.

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