A fistful of Finlaysons

I  made my first Thread Theory Finlayson for Mark, but had to face the fact that it was a bit small. This was bad, but also good because it meant that I could have it! However, it also meant that I needed to make him another one (or two).

Mark took them on his recent holiday to Tasmania and, thanks to Archie, I have photos with the magnificent Wineglass Bay in the background.


I made the first one from the same crimson as the first, but I only lined the hood with grey – I didn’t give it contrasting bands. IMG_5562.JPG

A gratuitous photo of the bay – what a perfect day!


I also made him a cream Finlayson

IMG_5573.JPG from organic bamboo fleece that I bought online and which has lingered in my stash for far too long. IMG_5566.JPG

I made this one all cream, with no contrast. IMG_5567.JPG

This size looks much better on Mark, so everyone is happy again! I also made the track pants that Mark is wearing in all these photos – Kwik Sew 3663 as usual.

Although I’m pretending this is a post about hoodies, it’s really about the beauty of Tasmania. The next few photos show a waterfall that is 3km from Mark’s mother’s house and nobody knew about it. I need to say that she lives in walking distance of Hobart’s CBD!

Mark is wearing a sweatshirt that I made him last year and a very old pair of tracksuit pants, again from Kwiksew 3663..


and Archie is wearing nothing that I’ve made!


such a beautiful place, I am demanding to be taken when we visit again in December.IMG_5593.JPG

Another gratuitous photo looking out over the city.


Then they headed off to Pelverata Falls which is a 114m high waterfall in the Snug Tiers in Southern Tasmania. I’m telling you, you’d want to be snug, I’ll bet it’s freezing!IMG_5631.JPG

I didn’t really have enough of the crimson fleece for this hoodie and Archie told me that contrasting cuffs and hem band weren’t the go (who makes these rules??), so I had to piece the hem band together. It’s supposed to be a single piece of fabric, but his is in four pieces. IMG_5616.JPG

Again, this is quite close to Hobart and, although it’s a two hour walk in, it looks as though it’s worth a visit, and once again, I am demanding to be taken.

I made one for Archie but he didn’t take it to Tasmania with him – grrr! So here it is, sans Archie. IMG_7929

When I made this one I closely examined a RTW one that he owns (Nike) and tried to copy some of the finishes. Cover stitched seams (I note that some of the stitching has disappeared into the fabric).IMG_7930

and the pockets. I also did a satin stitch at the top and bottom of the pocket openings.IMG_7931

Back in Perth, here is Tom’s black Finlayson,  but this time I offered him a flannel hood lining. He jumped at the offer and asked that it match his birthday flanno.


I did have to piece the flannel, but managed the pattern matching so that it doesn’t show. IMG_7814

Of course, I had to get action shots of the hoodie with Heidi!


I was thrilled with the fit, IMG_7819

although Tom thinks the sleeves are a bit long. I did the same finishes as on Archie’s hoodie.IMG_7841

A final shotIMG_7818

This won’t be the end of my hoodie making activities but I probably won’t blog them – unless they visit somewhere exotic!


13 thoughts on “A fistful of Finlaysons

  1. Gorgeous bay. Beautiful beach. Romántico and rygged waterfall! Sweet pooch!
    Oh and the hoodies are all terrific.
    I have been thinking about making matching fleece hoodies for my Beloved and I for winter.
    Our winters are much like yours. We think it is frigid. People from north of the border parade around half naked. Lovely post.

  2. Oh, it does look so cold there! but yes, very beautiful. The bay looks a lot like Bunkers Bay, my favourite beach in the world 🙂 All fabulous hoodies and it’s good that you’ve determined the perfect fit for him, but equally good that you have one for yourself too. Score!

  3. You’ve been a dedicated sewing bee for your men! The fit is great (at least on Mark and Tom) and the top stitching is perfect. I think these Finlaysons beat any RTW hoodies. Superb pics too!

  4. Where to start? I just loved this post. The scenery, lovely hoodies (I wouldn’t mind the cream one myself!) and Heidi of course.

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