Jasper sweater dress and tights

A couple of posts ago I blogged my tight dyeing activities and here is the first pair.DSC07432

I am wearing them here with my new Jasper sweater dress which I originally made for my Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe challenge and then realised that I couldn’t wear it with a single other item – doh!


I love this dress. I’ve made the hoodie version previously and have worn it to death  and I know that I will wear this one endlessly too. It is made from some fleece that I bought from the $2 bin at Potters (yes, $2 for enough fabric to make this dress – bargain!).  The button came from Barcelona.

The tights are a marginal success.  I used the Style Arc Laura knit legging as the basis and stuck a sock on the end of the pattern and drew round it. This is a slightly flawed methodology as the leggings are a bit long and a bit baggy. I took 5cm off the length, but have taken a further 5cm off the next pair. DSC07426

This will be a go-to outfit for the coming winter months and I am considering another one of these dresses – it is so easy to wear.



32 thoughts on “Jasper sweater dress and tights

  1. It looks so comfortable! I can see why you would wear it to death. Love your tights with it too.

    1. Thank you Diane, I am now a tight making and dyeing factory – I will have a whole wardrobe of them, and they are all stash busted. Win all round!

  2. Oh wow, I love this dress and the colour combo with the tights. I saw that at Potter’s and didn’t buy it. Kicking myself now! I might have to make a Jasper dress!

  3. Lovely lines and shaping in the Jasper and always handy to have a pocket or two. Looks stunning on you, along with the tights, Sue. will you be blogging the tights, did i miss it?

  4. I love that Jasper pattern, I wear my goodies to death. I really must make a dress – I can’t imagine why I haven’t. Yours looks great and the tights are amazing.

  5. Lovely dress.
    I’m really interested in the tights – I’ve never thought of making my own. You are so full of ideas that I am storing for the future.

    1. The tights are actually easy once you get the pattern down pat. I think you can buy a pattern for them somewhere, but I’m too cheap to do that, so hacked up a pattern. Give it a go!

      1. We are all spring -like now so I’ll file it away for later in the year.
        I like to do my own patterns but not always successfully. ..

  6. I look forward your post on tights. How to make the stitching line invisible on these is a mystery to me. This dress looks amazing on you – it is somewhat shorter than your usual style and you sport it wonderfully with booties. Cool!

  7. Not like you to make an orphan but so glad you got it sorted. Be careful with your tights, I found with my “Rose Hip tights” the the opposite problem but was lucky that I could add in extra length above the knee.

    I really need to get my Jasper pattern printed, have some ponte at home that would be perfect.

    1. I think I have the tights pretty right now, but it depends on the stretch of the fabric. I can really recommend the Jasper – I look forward to yours!

  8. Your Jasper is fabulous and makes me even more certain to make one for next winter.

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