Stashbusting knits challenge

June was knits month in the Stashbusting Sewalong group, and I thought I’d do a roundup of all the knits I’ve made this month but didn’t blog.

All of these garments have been made whilst camping as I find that knits are really easy to put together in a fairly rough environment. In June I stash busted 15.7m of knits (plus some 7m of woven fabrics), which is pretty good going.


Probably my favourite make is the Jasper Sweater/Dress from Paprika Patterns. I was inspired to make this pattern by the stunning examples produced by meggipeg and marjoriesews. They both chose the collared version, but I do love me a hoodie, so I chose View A.


This is a really elegant hoodie. It has princess seams in the front which give it a lovely flattering shape. A big plus is those welt pockets. As you can see the hood is oversized, which gives me a slightly monkish air, but I tend to only use a hood when I am really cold, so I don’t expect to use it much.


I really liked the placement of the buttons, and managed to find three lovely vintage buttons in my stash, which I think add an interesting element to the design.


It rained pretty much the whole time I was taking these photos and the fabric stood up really well to the dampness, so I deem this hoodie a success.


Next up was this striped Nettie bodysuit


I did my level best to match the stripes on the armholes, but not overly successfully. Looks ok in this photo, but it’s not wonderful. I pinned every stripe to get the matching right, but the angles were all wrong.


However my side seams are epic!


Luckily I will probably never wear this bodysuit without something over the top, so it’s no biggie.

I also made several t-shirts for Mark (which I did press, honest), which I am showing here so my family know that I don’t just sew for myself! The first one is a lovely striped cotton.


and the other two are made from some really thick merino wool fabric that I bought years ago in Dunedin, NZ. These t-shirts are smaller so that Mark can wear them as a thermals under jumpers (only one is shown, but he now has two identical thermal t-shirts). I had to laugh because the first time Mark wore one of these, he complained that he was too hot and had to take it off.


I made this top No 6 and 11, the Square Top, from the Japanese pattern book “She wears the pants”. It’s nice because it can be worn as a shrug (with arms in sleeves, rather than the way it’s styled in the book) and as a top.  This fabric was leftover scraps from my 1960s 3-arm dress, and I still haven’t used it all up. I have struggled to make this top look acceptable. The fabric is supposed to be crinkled but it just looks scruffy. I’m not overly fussed as I really wanted to see how the pattern would look on me. I’ll wear this top camping where no-one will see me!


I was going to cut my bottom half out of this photo, but I thought I would include the full catastrophe – yes, I had my slippers on – wonderful styling!


I also made some new undies from tricot instead of cotton – this is so that I have underwear which dries quickly when I’m travelling.  I cut these undies out when I was camping and to my horror I found a little chunk out of the top which I hadn’t noticed when cutting out.


I scrabbled around in the very limited supplies that I take camping and found some non-matching lace, but artfully arranged it so that it covered the problem.


They look ok and are divinely comfortable to wear.


Jasper Sweater/Dress by Paprika Patterns, made from some blue fleece I found in the $2 bargain bin at Potter Textiles. The buttons are really old and came from Buttonmania in Melbourne.

Bodysuit is the Nettie by Closet Case Files, made from a remnant from Potter Textiles.

Mark’s t-shirts are the Metro Men’s t-shirt from Oliver & S. The striped fabric came from Pitt Trading where I was happily enabled by Susan from Measure Twice Cut Once. Once again thanks to Maria of Velosewer fame for taking me to such a fabulous shop. The green merino is from Global Fabrics in Dunedin, NZ.

The striped top is pattern No 6 and 10, the Square Top, from “She Wears the Pants” (the book used to be entitled “In a Mannish Style”, but I was slow to buy so got the less attractively named version). The fabric came from Knitwit and was bought in their sale so I had far too much of it.

Undies are the Watson bikini and are made from navy tricot I bought from Susan at Pitt Trading. The lace was a scrap.


23 thoughts on “Stashbusting knits challenge

  1. I have had the Jasper pattern page open for a week trying to make up my mind, now it is in my mailbox 🙂 Love your version and and those buttons look perfect. You had a fantastic month stashbusting and the thermal shirts for Mark look great.

    1. Thanks Sharon – I can’t wait to see your Jasper! Are you doing the hood version? There are tutorials on the website that are really helpful and which I didn’t find until after I’d made the top!!

      1. Hi Sue, will probably make it without the hood first but I need to work out how to make my pottery buttons removable (that is if I use them this time).

  2. All the tops look really nice! I couldn’t see any problems with stripe matching in the grey/black one, it looked pretty perfect to me. Wear it with pride! And I love the undies fix solution. Oooh, I’ve cut into a chopped-out piece a few times myself and I’ll usually chuck it out in self-disgust. I should follow your lead and fix it!

  3. Knits are so much fun to sew up. And the memories of where you bought them make them more special. Our shopping trip is still one of my awesome memories for this year.

  4. Do you think the jasper would work in synthetic fleece fabric? Want to make a wearable muslin before cutting into my special fabric. But the reason my special fabric was so expensive is because I ordered it online cos I can’t get sweatshirt fabric locally.

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