Another birthday flanno

It’s fast becoming a tradition that I make Tom a flanno (flannel shirt) for birthdays and Christmas, and, as he’s just had a birthday, he got another flanno!


This one is made from really thick, luscious flannel that I bought online and I was really pleased with the quality of the fabric. I went to exceptional lengths to ensure that the checks all matched, including the pocket and side seams.


I had a cunning plan to avoid a problem where the yoke met the back – I cut the yoke in half and cut the two sides off grain


All was going well, every seam was matched perfectly and then I checked the fronts and found that the checks were offset – my brain literally began to fizz – what to do? I fiddled with the fronts, but there was no way that I could make them match without skewing the whole shirt. I put the whole thing aside whilst I thought about it, and then decided that I was going to have to live with it, there was absolutely nothing I could do – except suggest that he wear a tie!


Clearly the tie idea wasn’t considered favourably!


The shirt was put to the test at the weekend when Tom wore it camping with the family. Heidi clearly approves. Such a shame I was somehow careless with the grain. I am going to have to make a replacement!


Details: Pattern is KwikSew 3422 made from plaid flannel bought online from the US.



10 thoughts on “Another birthday flanno

  1. Shirt looks great-rich colour and warm. I could have used something like this last week in Melbourne. Saturday’s high was 9 degrees.

    1. Thanks Linda, he doesn’t care a jot, but it certainly offends my eye. It’s fabulous fabric though, and I have more in a different style, so will make another.

  2. I’m sure Tom is happy with his flanno no matter, it is warm and fits him, that is it. Some checks just skew, there is not much you can do about it. Look forward to seeing the replacement.

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