Jenna cardi take three

I mentioned that I was inspired by Winnie from Scruffybadgertime to make the Jenna cardi by Muse patterns. I have made this cardi a couple of times (here and here), and of all of them, the black and silver one is my favourite partly because of the longer length, and in retrospect, I should have made this one a bit longer. Oh well.


Please note that my teeth haven’t disappeared, I think my tongue has made an appearance!

I haven’t acquired a new pet, sadly. I have been dogsitting Megan’s (from Meggipeg) dog, Truffles. He is extremely sweet and quite funny, keeping me amused for hours.

I did a good job with my pattern matching on this one, even though I made it on a camping (glamping) trip.


I bought the fabric in Potters about three years ago. It was a half price remnant and I managed to get this cardi plus another top out of it, bringing the price of each to $2.50. The buttons on this cardi are out of my stash and match absolutely perfectly – sometimes I get lucky!


I’ve worn the cardi several times already, and the keen eyed will notice that I took photos on two different occasions.

Details: Jenna Cardi by Muse patterns, made from a remnant of unknown fibre content bought at Potter Textiles. Buttons were bought in an op shop and I seem to have rather a lot of them.

I am also wearing my brown Nettie, Vogue 8859 (brown trousers), StyleArc Elle (black trousers), and the rather odd shoes are Sorel boots – so comfortable.

And an action shot of Truffles and me!



31 thoughts on “Jenna cardi take three

  1. Love that fabric! and it looks so different with your styling to Kat’s more retro look. In the sans dog shots though, it appears to have a shawl collar, which is confusing me. Is that the other knit top in the same fabric underneath? Or am I going mad.


      1. It looks good, but I’m hesitating because I’m not really a cardy wearer, so I’m trying to work out if I’d wear a good cardy, or wether to just make some jumpers (like your Jasper) and some shirts.


  2. Hey Sue, what an awesome cardi you got there! I’m crazy about this kind of (tribal?) print right now. Your Sorel boots are fantastic too. In fact, I would steal your whole collection of shoes!


    1. Thanks Hélène 🙂 Believe it or not, these shoes are the ones my son likes best out of all my shoes! It’s interesting that I didn’t much like this fabric until I made it up – I couldn’t imagine what I would wear it with. Basically, I wear it with everything!


  3. Looks great and I love that this will be easy to care for. Had a flashback to the black and silver ‘Jenna’ and the length and fabric design give the cardigan a totally different look! This one looks casual, the black and silver looks dressier.

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