Sew a seasonal wardrobe

I’ve taken up the Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe (SSW) gauntlet, with my first make being the Calvin Klein top (which I’m wearing here), and my second is this Seamwork Oslo cardigan


Before I talk about the cardigan, I’ll just go over the SSW challenge. It began on 1 February, and ends on 31 May. I am now way behind, but confident that I will make the deadline!

We have to make an 8-piece seasonal wardrobe where all the pieces coordinate with each other. I opened my cupboard door and had a look at what fell out. Well, it appears that I’m going to be making things that are orange, grey, black or cream, or even a combination of all of the above!


As I mentioned in a previous post, my self-imposed rules are that I cannot buy a single element for this challenge – it all has to come from my stash; and I cannot use a previously used pattern – I have to find patterns in my stash that I have not yet made. I am already regretting the second rule. I would kill to make a Nettie bodysuit or MariaDenmark Karen Drape dress!

As you have probably guessed, I have now completed the jacket that is on the cutting table above. I had already pinned the pattern on – last year! I am pleased to have this fabric out of the stash as it took up a lot of space.

I wore the cardigan on a trip to Bruny Island, Tasmania and it was the perfect weight for the weather.


What’s with the hat you might ask? Well, it was one of Mark’s Mum’s. She has given me her entire collection from the 1950s – 1970s. This one is from the ’50s I think, and is a glorious orange felt and is worn at a very rakish angle. It needs to be blocked, but is otherwise in really good nick.

The back view


You will notice that the bottom of the cardigan has stretched out a bit. I have tacked some tape along the hemline in an attempt to stop this, but may need to resew it and try and gather in the fabric a bit. It does disappoint me a bit lot…

The pattern is extremely easy to put together. The only slightly tricky bit was matching the stripes, and to be honest, they are so big that it was no real effort. I did buy a piece of coordinating orange knit to make the shawl collar, but I didn’t buy enough; luckily I had enough of the stripe! Now I have to work out what to do with a small amount of orange knit – grrr.

I didn’t want to put buttonholes in this fabric due to the stretching, but I want to be able to close it, so I used these gorgeous snaps that were in my stash.


They are tortoiseshell coloured plastic and I bought them in Iceland. I wish I had bought more (although I also bought grey and black). I am going to sew some buttons over the front to give it a more finished look.

Another shot of me perched precariously on the jetty at Bruny. I wasn’t confident that I wouldn’t slip down between the thing I was sitting on and the dock, although when I think about it, I’ve got enough cake loitering around my midsection to wedge me between the two before my feet even got wet!


I’ll give you a little whistle stop of Bruny: there is an excellent ferry service with drive-on/drive-off facility


The views are marvellous, and this is the view of the main port at Kettering on the mainland side.


I just don’t have room for all the photographs, but this is a lookout with ocean on each side of a narrow causeway between north and south Bruny Islands.


On the way home we stopped in Margate, where I visited an excellent op-shop and this train where each carriage has been converted into different shops. How charming is this?


A final photo of Mark (it was his birthday) and me on the ferry to Bruny.


Notes: The fabric came from Pitt Trading when Maria from Velosewer took me there. I was served by the lovely Susan from Measuretwicecutonce.


24 thoughts on “Sew a seasonal wardrobe

  1. Great sweater, and I’m sure you will complete the challenge easily (even with your self imposed rules).
    I’m loving travelling vicariously with your fabulous photographs. It’s unlikely that I would ever be able to visit these Australian locations so it is great to see all of your travels.

  2. Love what “fell out” of your stash cabinet. The sweater is so pretty. And those views! The jetty photos with those little puffy clouds are just so beautiful.

  3. One of my goals this year is using patterns I haven’t made. As soon as my sewing space is finished, I guess I’ll move forward with that. I can’t wait to see how your SSW turns out as your makes are always so well thought out! I’d be lucky to patch my random stash into a coordinated SSW.

    1. My stash is so large that I could do several different SSWs! I really like being forced to find alternative to my TNT patterns, given that I have boxes of unused patterns!

  4. Lovely travel pictures! However, my favorite shoot in this post is your *joyfully messy* sewing place. I’m so relief to see that I’m not alone… (And happy belated birthday to your partner in crime!)

  5. Love your new cardigan that looks great on you. It looks very cozy. Thank you for introducing me to another pattern company. As always love the travel pics and that train shopping area looks so cute.

    1. Thank you Chris. The Seamwork magazine patterns are known for their simplicity and speed of construction – I should make more. The mag is also very interesting and is free!

  6. What fun you’re having! I just love your travel pictures, as well as the gorgeous wardrobe you’re making. The colours look great on you, and perfect for autumn! 🙂

  7. Hey there Fadanista, can I ask… doe think the Oslo bagged out at the hem due to the fabric you used? Is the hemline faced or turned and stitched? Just found the pattern yesterday while looking for something else in my pattern vault and well… forewarned is forearmed! Thanks in advance, love ya work!


    1. Hi Lesley, I think it was a combination of all those things. The fabric was very loosely woven and the hem is just turned up. I did add a binding on the inside but I think the damage was done. It would be better to use a facing if you use a loose weave. Good luck!

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