Velvet jacket for SSW

My third item for the Sew a Seasonal Wardrobe is a light velvety jacket that I thought would take me through from day to evening.


It is from Vogue 2431, a pattern I have been dying to use, but as it is from 2000, it didn’t fit with the vintage pledge, and somehow I didn’t get round to it. No matter, I’ve made it now and am desperate to make a couple of the other views, especially view B and view C – actually I love them all!


I did view D (top left), a simple open cardigan with a button at the neckline. I wore it on a trip to Richmond, Tasmania, which is a lovely little town/hamlet, full to the brim with antique shops. As you can see, I bought stuff!


This photo is a bit dark but I’m including it so that you can get an idea of the main street, but now I look at it, it’s not very good, so here are a couple of some of the sweet buildings that are dotted about.

images 1


Richmond has some lovely colonial and Georgian buildings, but I have to say they are nowhere near as amazing as the ones in Oatland, where every single building is a delight to be remarked upon. I can’t show you any photos as I left my phone home that day. I was so cross, but never fear, I shall be back to Tasmania at the end of the year, so will make a point of visiting with my camera.


Richmond is also well known for its Christmas shop. There are three floors of amazement, and a person could spend hours looking for the perfect Christmas accessory. I didn’t have hours, or a husband who is especially enamoured with Christmas fripperies, so it was a quick trip for me. I took photos of things other than trees and baubles. Look at those reindeer!

IMG_4666   IMG_4667

The other thing that Richmond is famous for is the bridge, built in 1823. It is a beauty. Please note that I have another of my Mother-in-Law’s vintage hats on (they are not all orange!), this one is a straw and is quite striking. Goes perfectly with my cardigan – non?


standing rather dorkily in front of the bridge. IMG_4687

You can see that I have my grey knit top on under the cardigan, showing that they coordinate perfectly for the SSW challenge

This pattern was a breeze to make. It is designed for a woven, but translated well to a stretchy knit. I used a vintage button from my stash for the neck fastening, and a loop which I make by cheating.

IMG_4688To make the loop, I simply run a section of overlocker loops and then zig zag over them with an appropriate size zig zag. If the threads are a bit scruffy, I just zig zag over them again. I suspect that the purists among you will disapprove, but I needed to get this cardigan finished, and this way is so much quicker than crocheting a loop. A quick visual in case you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

zig zag over a length of overlocker chain
Resultant loop, which can be cut to any length.

I didn’t use any sort of seam finishing. This fabric doesn’t fray at all, and I did experiment with a couple of different seam finishes, but they either didn’t add anything (overlocking) or added unnecessary bulk (French seams), so I left well enough alone.

The fabric has been in my stash for a few years and came from Knitwit. This cardigan ticks three boxes – stash busting challenge, knit month on my Facebook stash busting group, and the Sew a seasonal wardrobe challenge. Sadly, I think the pattern is just a bit young to be vintage.

You will note that so far I have only made tops. I am about to tackle some trousers and skirts to preserve my modesty!


28 thoughts on “Velvet jacket for SSW

  1. Richmond looks lovely (and sunshine too) but not as nice as your new hat and cardigan combo. Mais oui, c’est parfait!

  2. The way you made your loop is brilliant! I will have to try it sometime. Lovely jacket on you! My favorite picture is of the back of you with the hat in front of the bridge. It’s so elegant looking!
    P. S. You can tick another box if you are in the Sew your (pattern) Stash group!

  3. I love the fabric you’ve used for this and the whole outfit looks fab, particularly the hat and shoes! Great tip for the button loop too.

  4. Love everything about this post Sue. Richmond bridge memory fir me is being attacked by a flock of geese there! Your jacket is gorgeous and the fabric is yum and your method of making a loop is genius thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. The little hat is adorable, as is your new cardigan. Thanks for the trick to make a quick loop. You’re so resourceful, Sue, you could win the GBSW challenge!

      1. very funny, I did spend some time thinking about the acronym. I wondered whether they had a workshop to go with the bee!

  6. Taz looks nice – old fashioned. Also I like these tops – more like patterned cardigans made out of nice fabric. Good choice – make the lot I say.

  7. I have a very similar photo in front of Richmonds bridge but nearly 30 years ago. Such a pretty town. Love your cardigan, gorgeous fabric, I can never resist velvet.

  8. Great jacket (and pattern – sew ’em all!). I’m very jealous of your MIL’s hats, they are very stylish and that one looks fabulous with the jacket. Tres chic Sue 😃

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