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As I mentioned before, February has been a scrap busting month in my Facebook Stashbusting group, and I’ve managed to do quite a bit.

After making the triangular pillow for my bed in the Airstream, I had a few scraps of grey and flax linen left, so cut them into strips, joined them and ironed them into binding


I then wrapped the strip around some cotton rope and created a little rope basket for next to the bed to hold things like jewellery (and my physio spiky ball). Mark liked it so much that he’s asked for one for his side, so I’m off looking for more scraps!


I wanted a bathmat for the Airstream and was on the brink of heading to the shop when I decided to make one. I used a couple of my mother’s towels that had finished up in my cupboard, and simply cut them into long strips, plaited them, then sewed them in a circle. It is a brilliant mat and I am determined to make more.


I had an epic fail with a dress made out of some beautiful silk I bought in India. After a few weeks in the naughty corner, I dragged the dress out and cut it up. I made another Megan Nielsen Eucalyptus tank.


I made bias binding for the neck, used French seams throughout, and used a rolled hem to finish the armholes and bottom edge. I had to have a seam down the centre front because of the way the original dress was cut, and I have lots of smallish scraps left which I have plans for.


I had a large piece of fabric left over from my Nettie bodysuit, so made a top using my knit top block created in my class at Workspace-FADS.


This is such a comfortable top. I made it as long as I could


and widened the lower body a little bit


and here it is in action – sewing whilst glamping. I’m actually making doll’s clothes here using more scraps, but more of that in another post.


Finally, not a scrap bust really, but I’ve got rid of this fabric from my stash. I made the Drape Drape 2, asymmetrical top 4 as featured on the Great British Sewing Bee. I’ve made this top before here, and another one which I haven’t managed to photograph.


The fabric is a lovely stretchy cotton knit from Knitwit.

So that’s the February challenge over. On to the next one which is to sew a seasonal wardrobe. I’ve made a start…


15 thoughts on “More scrapbusting

  1. You have created some lovely things with your scrap busting efforts and you amaze me with your productivity. The view from the airstream while sewing looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for your seasonal wardrobe. This is something I am in the planning stages of. The hardest part is finding the right fabrics for my ideas.

  2. Lovely tops to add to your wardrobe Sue. I particularly like the one made from the ‘Nettie’ left over. very elegant length and style. And I love your bath mat! Did you overlock the strips before plaiting?

  3. Outstandingly productive, and all so useful! I feel quite guilty now just handing all my scraps to an art teacher without considering what I could do with them. You are personalising your airstream beautifully.

  4. All of these are a great success Sue, well done! Like Roma I most appreciate the longer stripey top (I always love you in navy) and the towel bath mat. Fabulous.

  5. Your scrap busting ideas are amazing and love your new tops. Your baskets will be so useful and the mat is a great idea.

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