Of remnants and scraps

As mentioned in an earlier post I’m doing a scrap busting challenge this month (see https://www.facebook.com/groups/stashbusting2015/) and here are a couple more makes. First up a Megan Nielsen Eucalyptus dress made from a knit fabric. I made the tank version of this in a woven and it was a bit small, so I went up a size and made it from a knit, so it was a bit big! I had to take it in under the arms and make a wider neck band for the sake of decency, but otherwise it’s good.


Because this was made from a remnant, I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make the dress, so added a scrap of black to the bottom, the neck and armholes.  I also made an obi-style belt for the dress as I looked at the below photo and decided it was a bit sack like. This photo was taken at the memorial for the 1968 earthquake in Meckering, whilst we were on our recent trip. My family had moved to Perth the year before this earthquake because we had lived in Cyprus which had many earth tremors, and my mother didn’t want to have to put up with any more – I’m happy to say that we haven’t really had one since. DSC07039

My other scrap bust was the asymmetrical top, pattern four from Drape Drape book two. The fabric is left over from my Presto Popover hack, and darn it, I still have more! I’ve made three of these tops now and must remember to take in the bottom a smidge as it should be firmer around the hips.DSC07040DSC07041

Before we left on our road trip I made Mark a fairly substantial wardrobe, but two or three items were in very regular rotation during the trip, including this t-shirt and shorts combination.

DSC06781 (2).jpg

The t-shirt is made from a tiny scrap of fabric that Mark found me in the remnant bin in Flash Fabrics of Hobart when he was there last year. I thought the colours were perfect for him, but after I had cut it out I decided to do a burn test and discovered that the fabric is 100% wool. I worried that it would be hot, but Mark finds it really comfortable, even in the height of summer.

I didn’t manage to get too many shots of Mark in this outfit and the ones I did get are all action shots! Mark is making us lunch on the banks of Crooked River in the Victorian High Country. It was such a lovely place for a break from the four-wheel driving!


The shorts were made from another small piece of fabric in my stash which I bought in the Pettah Market, Sri Lanka, for a couple of dollars.  They are more susceptible to creasing than the wool shorts I made previously, but have proven to be very tough. DSC06850

Just for interest, we are standing on a lookout platform in the Victorian High Country on our way to Thredbo in Mt Kosciuszko.

I used the Metro Men’s t-shirt pattern and Kwik Sew 4045 for the shorts.

My shoes: Silver Rock Spring shoes and black Rubz thongs are from Heaven Wrapped in Claremont, and red shoes are dove nuotano gli squali, from Letizia Shoes, Claremont.


16 thoughts on “Of remnants and scraps

  1. Using scraps is so satisfying isn’t it? I give piles away to people at work, I think it gets used for dolls clothes and craft. Love your drape drape top, very nice. Cute red shoes too. Happy travels.

  2. Sue, the balck trim on the blue is a smart contrast and good opportunity to use more fabric. i like hte sound of the 100% wook knit from Tassie. Love wool in all weathers!

  3. Great scrap busting Sue. I must try the Metro Men”s T Shirt pattern for my husband. He prefers the looser fit and the longer sleeves. I find most RTW men’s T shirts have shorter sleeves and my husband refuses to wear them. Now to find some suitable fabric.

    1. It’s a good pattern Jean, and there is a women’s version, but I haven’t tried that one. I must have made a dozen of the men’s pattern though, and Mark really likes it.

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