Scrapbusting tops

February is scrap busting month in my Stashbusting Facebook group, and it is a theme that I have embraced with some gusto, given that I am positively drowning in scraps!

I have made two tops entirely from scraps lying around carefully put away, and I used the same self drafted pattern for both of them.

Followers on Instagram and Facebook will recognise this photo. It was taken from the safari tent we stayed in at Wilpena Pound in South Australia (more on this in another post).


You can’t really see the details of the top here, but I like the shot, so am using it.

Here is a slightly better view, taken with the Murray River in South Australia in the background.


I used two different scraps in the top. The body was a large scrap and I managed to get the whole front and some of the back from it. The neck binding was cobbled together from many scraps that I cut on the bias. The sleeves and the bottom of the back were made from a smaller scrap of a coordinating blue fabric, which tones quite well. I didn’t have quite enough of this to complete the back but had enough of the patterned knit to cut a strip on the bias to insert at my waist. This gives a bit of contrast and I like the fact that the pattern, when cut on the bias, changes from diamond shapes to squares.

back of top

Just looking at the photo above, I can see that the bottom has stretched out a bit from many hours of sitting in the car, but it went back into shape after a session in the washing machine. The seams on the band also look a bit puckered, but when I lay the top flat they look perfect, so this might have been a bit of stretching too. The cap was bought at the Knicks game we went to in NYC. Archie was pretty disgusted that I didn’t buy a more traditional one, but I loved the spots!

Another photo – I have worn this top a lot in the last week. This one is at the Mt  Kosciuszko Lookout.


Top number two is made from three pieces of scrap fabric. I had enough of the black and silver to get a whole front out. I teamed this with some contrasting grey tissue knit, which  has proven to be difficult to use, but this is the leftover fabric from a long sleeved t-shirt I made Mark (as yet unblogged). These photos were taken in Southern Cross, just a very few hours into our journey.


The back of the top is from a modal sample that I got from a warehouse. I was a smidgen short so managed to squeeze a couple of little pieces of the black and grey into the back panel. A narrow piece at the top…


…and a narrow piece inserted near the bottom.

What I really love about this top is that it able to be worn with the back at the front and vice versa, and I think my preference is with the multi-panelled piece at the front.


On the jetty at Ceduna – it was exceedingly windy!



A final shot where I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction with my hat!


The details:

Top number one is made from fabric bought at Knitwit. Pattern was self-drafted in my class at Workspace-FADS, and which I tweaked so that I could wear it back to front if I so desired. The first one doesn’t work so well with the band across the front, but the second one is great. The black and grey patterned fabric is leftover from fabric bought at Knitwit,  the grey tissue knit came from Potters and the black modal came from a warehouse sale. Trousers which are worn in nearly all these photos are made from cotton/lycra from Knitwit and using a self-drafted pattern from my class at Workspace-FADS.


28 thoughts on “Scrapbusting tops

  1. Wow, it’s only February 2 and you have already done the challenge! Great work using up scraps! I really love the black and gray shirt and that you can wear it either way!

  2. “carefully put away” You’re hilarious Sue! I do like the length of these tops, flattering and elegant. You have been very creative with the matching of fabrics.

  3. Great scrap busting indeed, Sue. You have demonstrated your amazing resourcefulness in the way you have pieced together these tops and they look lovely. Very clever to make the second one reversible too. Is the cotton/lycra you made your pants from, available on the Knitwit website? I have been looking for a good quality cotton lycra to make some basics. I need something with a decent amount of body…not too thin or lightweight.

    1. I bought loads of it as remnants Jean. It is a fabulous weight, perfect for pants. I haven’t checked the website but would suggest a call as one of the ladies would be able to tell you.

  4. Oooo I’m feeling inspired to make an assault on my own voluminous pile of scraps this month. And maybe next month should be Mending March. That pile is getting bigger than is decent…

  5. Still travelling? Lucky you! You certainly manage to make some smart tees from scratches before you go (great work!), but I’m afraid the grandiose wilderness is stealing the show today! Hiking there must be fantastic.

    1. The hiking is amazing in this part of the world – I will do a post that might have a video if I can work out how to do it! Skiing is pretty good too, but not to your standards!

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