Triangular neck pillows

Still on my scrap busting theme I’ve made these triangular neck pillows all from scraps. I’m beginning to refer to them as my four little pigs for some reason.


I have noticed with interest lots of people, on the various Facebook pages I follow, making these. First up the pattern: You can find the pattern and tutorial at This is a wonderful pattern for using up all those fabulous scraps that are too big to throw away but too small to turn into clothing, and I have to say they have been a massive hit with my family. I have made five, but Tom has the extra one, so I didn’t get to photograph it.

The four above are made with different stuffings and with different levels of stuffage (if that’s a word). The blue one on the right is Mark’s. It is made from some weird stretch denim fabric I bought in New Zealand and from which I made Mark a shirt. He doesn’t wear it much and I think it’s because it screams middle aged woman to me! Not sure why. Anyway, the scraps have made a fabulous neck pillow and he loves it. His is stuffed with fibrefill that I had in my stash and which I think my mother gave me. The twill tape used for the loop handles on three of the pillows was also given to me by her.

The two on the right are made from an unused top sheet of Archie’s. He wanted his made from pillowcase material, and I figured a sheet would be perfect. One is properly stuffed and the other isn’t stuffed too much at all. These are both stuffed with foam pieces that I had stored up in the roof (yes, I have stash hidden up there too!). Archie likes the overstuffed one best, so that’s his, but he’s been using the understuffed one to support his back when he’s been driving on our road trip.

The fourth one is actually made from bags that my bed linen came in.


The pillow took three of these bags which had to be painstakingly unpicked. The fabric is linen which is gorgeous to sleep in and gets softer with every wash.


This pillow has been made to go on the bed in our new trailer and consists of the flax colour of the sheets and the stone colour of the quilt cover. The loops were made from a drawstring from a pair of trousers. This pillow was stuffed with a combination of fibre fill and foam. They are fabulous for supporting our heads whist reading in bed.

neck pillows

Apologies for the rumpled looking linen – its spent the last week in space bags and, although I do have a iron, I couldn’t manage pressing sheets whilst glamping!

These four pillows have been in the car with us on our road trip and they have been used every day. They are amazingly comfortable and Mark and I are taking them on an overnight flight next month – so much better than the u-shaped pillows that are usually used. They take around 30 minutes to make and are a fabulous scrap buster. I have more planned…




45 thoughts on “Triangular neck pillows

      1. Well I’ve got lots of ‘stuff’ to stuff it with! 😀 Love ‘stuffage’, such a nice new word!

  1. Love those neck pillows. I used the pattern from Sew4Home at christmas for gifts…and bought some Nu-foam from Joan fabrics and used a towel to make one for my daughter as she likes to soak in tub…but neck is in her way…lol….lovely photos……

  2. I had never heard of this kind of pillows! The design seems quite interesting – I can imagine how you can play with the shape to support your head or your back – and they really look like little animals. Could be fun to make them in fun kiddy prints. I’ll definitely try one for the car! Thanks for the link, Sue.

  3. Thanks for the link. I have some scraps of merino (plus millions more to be honest) that I might try to make a few of these with. What a great gift too. I love that you use harvested stash stuff!

  4. Thanks for sharing the pattern Sue, I am always on the lookout for neck support ever since having a wry neck years ago. Basically my neck is stuffed (like so many nurses) and good support makes life much less painful 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination – I am very flattered. I don’t think I qualify though as I have about 400 followers between WordPress and Bloglovin, and I’ve also been nominated before. What do you think?

  5. Sue, I’ve had a good scrap busting idea you might be interested in passing on to your Perth sewing friends. The Cat Haven relies on donations of old sheets and towels to use as bedding, so I thought I might make little mini patchwork quilts with my scraps. Basically something like a soft squishy comforter of about 50 by 50cm. What do you think?

      1. I made one of these last weekend – I’m pretty sure that it’s comfortable as The Management nicked it and hasn’t given it back. Making my own to try it out.

  6. These are very interesting neck pillows, need to check them out as there are a few places I think they would be very handy for.

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