The Iceland snowfields

We did a couple of excursions to the snowfields and they are truly spectacular. Archie took most of these photographs so I cannot take much credit at all.

Firstly, the waterfalls: these were all taken in the south of Iceland, around Porsmork


I do love a good waterfall


How is this? We had to put on crampons and climb through to the back of a cave for Archie to get this shot.


Followers on Facebook and IG will recognise this frozen waterfall

frozen waterfall

We do quite a bit of four wheel driving at home, but what we did in Iceland does not compare. Our guide had a massive truck (Ford Expedition with 46″ Mickey Thomson tyres for those interested) and we forded rivers, wound our way round mountains, climbed glaciers and drove through deep snow.

Here we are watching the sun come up at 10.30 in the morning.


We did drive perilously close to the edge of cliffs…2J9A2607

A typical view of some of the milder terrain


and a long shot


we crossed this waterway


We hiked quite a bit and the crampons came in very handy


We even visited the beach (Atlantic Ocean) with black volcanic sand and snow, quite an interesting combination


the shipwreck was rather wonderful with the black sand as contrast. It also made a wonderful shelter from the wind.


We went snowmobiling, and I did half the driving which was fun. Too busy to take any photos, but here is one of Mark and me dressed in our snowmobiling gear


We stayed the night at the Volcano Huts in Thorsmork. This is the view of the accommodation across the thermally heated pool. Tom is the only one who went for a swim in it…


Behind the pool was a delightful sauna in a barrel (bottom right of this photo). We all had a go in here. It was lovely.


This was our accommodation – not fancy, but comfortable and very warm

Volcano huts

Archie took this photo of another hut in the moonlight


Finally, a cave in the glacier


with a view to our truck


Last shot of the happy campers. I am wearing all me-mades except my ski jacket, and Mark is all me-made except his down jacket.



21 thoughts on “The Iceland snowfields

  1. Oooh, a new look blog! It looks fantastic Sue 🙂 And what a wonderful trip you’re having, thanks for all the wonderful pictures, I’m enjoying them so much. We went to Iceland in 2014, although in the summer so the landscape looked very very different! But we absolutely loved it, and would love to go back again. Have lots of fun! and I’ll see you soon, I’m sure. Take lots more pictures!!

  2. Archie’s pictures are spectacular. There is a supernatural vibe in every single shot, but I especially love the hut in the moonlight. You’ll have a thermal shock when you go back home in Perth!

  3. Happy new year to the Stoney family.
    Am loving all the photos, it will be hard to settle back to the Perth lifestyle.

  4. So amazing, so surreal….especially from my viewpoint of 37 sweltering little degrees!

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