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The next stop in our travels was Reykjavik, Iceland. Reykjavik at Christmas is a magical place. There is snow and fairy lights abound and the above and below drone shots show the prettiness of the city in winter.DJI_0024

Tom and Archie are those two little figures in the foreground, and they are standing on a frozen lake, which was foolhardy in my opinion!

Downtown Reykjavik


There is a Lutheran church (Hallgrímskirkja) that is located at a high point in Reykjavik, and it is worth a visit. The tower is accessible and apparently the views are amazing. Unfortunately it was closed when we visited. The church was designed in the 1930s and is very much in the art deco style.


The organ has over 5,000 pipes and we were lucky enough to hear it being played – stupendous.


The inside of the church is breathtaking in its simplicity.


We visited on Christmas Eve and heard the bells being rung. They are transmitted on the radio and apparently most of the population listen to them, and the church service, at home, even if they are not religious or are of a different faith.

We stayed at the Fosshotel in Reykjavik, and I can really recommend it. They had a pretty impressive gingerbread model of the hotel for Christmas.IMG_2907

There are a couple of wool shops in Reykjavik, and I didn’t find any fabric shops, although my research indicated that there was one. I did fall over this shop, which happened to be above a supermarket that Mark was visiting.


The inside was delicious. I did buy a book to help with my One Year One Outfit endeavours in 2016.


There was a gorgeous looking wool cooperative run by the women of Reykjavik, who hand knitted garments for sale. Apparently there are 450 women supplying goods to this store. I was keen to visit, but they closed down for Christmas. Probably just as well as our baggage allowance wasn’t huge on this leg of the trip.

Vintage clothing stores abound in Reykjavik, and here is a photo of a happy Tom who managed to find a store cat snuggled up in a very cool chair.


A couple of last words about Reykjavik: the level of recycling and sustainable practice is really impressive. All the heating is supplied from geothermal sources and there are recycling bins everywhere, including in our hotel room. The city is quite quirky, arty, hidden places and sanctioned graffiti everywhere, and someone has gone round glueing superhero characters on to street signs and other parts of the city. A walking tour is recommended. We also signed up for a whale and puffin watching tour but it got cancelled, which grieved me slightly.

Another post is coming on our adventures out on the snowfields, so stay tuned.




21 thoughts on “Reykjavik

  1. Wowsome! I’m adding Iceland to my never-ending list of places to visit in the coming years. The opening photo of this post is sublime – was it taken with the drone? (Don’t tell them, but your two sons are equally good-looking. They almost look like twins.) I’m glad you’re experiencing some snow at last and I’m with you: we received 40 cm today!

    1. You have to get there Hélène, but the snow will be ho hum for you. The first two shots are from the drone. Thanks for comments re sons, I think they are quite different!

  2. Just think that WA was the hottest place on earth as you took these photos! It all looks wonderful and you certainly seem to be making the most of it despite the Christmas closures. I might have to borrow your new book for inspiration!

  3. Just a bit jealous. I got given Names for the Sea by Sarah Moss last year, which recounts a year the author spent living there, plus an Icelandic novel translated into English which I now cannot find head nor hair of. Anyway, I have been a bit fascinated with Iceland ever since.

  4. Gorgeous photos and an amazing destination. I also would have been p,eased that wool shop was closed, some of my possessions might have had to be donated.

  5. I have been lucky enough to visit Reykjavik twice. I loved the Hallgrímskirkja (I was told it had been built to look like an upturned boat) and did get to see the views from the bell tower – they didn’t disappoint. Have a great trip.

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