Me-Made-May’15 roundup

As you may, or may not, know, I’ve been participating in Me-Made-May again, and I thought I would do a roundup of my outfits for the month. Warning, this is one long post and I apologise in advance for some of the dodgy formatting. I’ve spent most of today, on and off, trying to fix it, but now given up.

Days one to seven

IMG_1470 Shirt dress N from Japanese sewing book Basic Black. Underwear made by me

DSC03604Coco top from refashioned scarves, Vogue 8859 pants brown version. Underwear by me

DSC03614Handknitted Alpaca jumper, wool and pattern from the Australian Alpaca Barn, Sydney. Pants are Lutterloh, from 1964. Socks are knitted by me from cashmere and merino, and I am wearing me made underwear.

DSC03617Long black dress, using sloper from Pattern Magic and making it longer and wider. Tammer Shrug pattern and yarn  from Dairing, Melbourne.

DSC03628Lutterloh exercise pants, Vogue 8793 orange top, Vogue 8854 hooded top, and me-made socks

DSC03632Style Arc Elle pants, scarf refashion, and me made underwear.

DSC03647 Butterick 5942 – a 1960s dress pattern, which I last made in the ’60s!

Days eight to fourteen

DSC03663I am camping, so no glamour! I am wearing Archer shirt, StyleArc Barb pants, Reversible Lotus Blossom hat, which I have since felted so it fits me better, knitted socks and me made undies.

DSC03683I am wearing new Shelby sweat pants, blue White Russian top, knitted fingerless gloves and socks, and me-made undies. A friendly kangaroo dropped in to help me celebrate day 9!

DSC03726I am wearing two Style Arc Susan tops (because it was freezing!), a handknitted Weekend Tunic and StyleArc Laura Knit Leggings. Plus me made socks and undies.

DSC03741Machine knitted (by me) jumper and cowl, StyleArc Elle pants, me made socks and new undies.

DSC03803Vogue 8592 and Cloth Habit underwear

DSC03809 Nettie bodysuit, Capital Chic patterns Champagne skirt, me made belt and undies, and knitted (by me) necklace.

DSC038301940s Marian Martin dress, completely redrafted. Belt from leather scraps

Days fifteen to twenty one

DSC03811Elderly Vogue 8859 pants in pink cotton, Hermes scarf refashion using Stylish Dress Book pattern X. Me made underwear.

DSC03842New blue Nettie bodysuit, Tammer shrug, Ultimate trousers, and me made necklaces and undies.

DSC03848Staying at home to sew, so wearing my white White Russian, StyleArc yoga pants, me made undies, and knitted socks.

DSC03853Self-drafted skirt and wrap, Style Arc leggings, machine knitted cashmere jumper, Style Arc Susan top underneath, machine knitted socks, me-made underwear and pin on the wrap

DSC03859Gabriola skirt, Miette cardigan, Cat Bohdi knitted mobius which I’ve anchored with a vintage plastic knitting needle, and me made underwear, including a long sleeved t-shirt.


Hand knitted Origami pullover, Nettie bodysuit, StyleArc Elle pants, me made undies and socks.

DSC03867Reversible jacket, KwikSew 3592, hand knitted Filatura di Crosa, romantic blouse, StyleArc Elle pants, me made undies.

Days twenty two to twenty eight

DSC03888For animal theme Friday, new zebra print Nettie bodysuit, Lutterloh yoga pants, zebra print underwear and knitted socks.

DSC03937No glamour here, I’m on wheelbarrow duty! Pink White Russian top, Lutterloh jeans, me made underwear, knitted hat and socks.

DSC03990-2Separating Everlasting seeds prior to planting. Wearing orange White Russian, Style Arc Elle pants, handknitted beanie and fingerless gloves, me made undies and socks.

DSC03996Coco top, StyleArc leggings, me made undies and socks.

DSC04005Boiled wool skirt, Style Arc Susan long sleeved t-shirt, red Miette cardigan, hand knitted scarf, me made underwear and socks.

DSC04035Jo Sharp origami cardigan, self drafted skirt, new brown Nettie bodysuit with matching underwear, knitted socks.

DSC04039DSC04042Hand knitted striped jumper (Hanne Falkenberg pattern), knitted socks, Vogue trousers, me made underwear.

Days twenty nine to thirty one

DSC04060Style Arc Elle pants, Style Arc Susan top with neckline modified, hand knitted mobius in fan and feather design, machine knitted socks, me made underwear.

DSC04076Vogue pants, blue Nettie bodysuit, hand knitted Hitofude cardigan, me made underwear.


DSC04083Grey Merino wool Style Arc top, Vogue 8859 pants in grey ponte, handknitted Infinite Loop wrap (pattern on Ravelry), socks and underwear made by me.

In summary

I pledged to only wear things I’ve made myself, and, apart from shoes and a belt (and my academic regalia on day one), I achieved my goal. I did wear some other things that I’ve made, including the Carolyn pyjamas and my White Russian pyjamas, my Diane von Furstenberg dress, and my three-hour slouchy cardigan from the Great British Sewing Bee. I also identified a few gaps in my wardrobe. I filled a few underwear gaps as I went along, but I want more Nettie Bodysuits, and I need more handmade jackets/coats. Next year…


16 thoughts on “Me-Made-May’15 roundup

  1. Gosh, you are a sewing, knitting and crafting phenomenon! Love all the makes especially the re-used scarves. You have given me ideas for my own over-abundant scarf collection. I look forward to seeing the new jackets and coats. Sure they will be terrific. Regards, Trish

  2. I love that you’re camping with your overlocker! a powered site (obviously). All your me-made-may outfits are so chic too.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful wardrobe for your MMM pledge. These are all things I would personally wear. You’re a model of elegance and style!

  4. fadanista baby – nothing succeeds like excess!! I love them all but the Hermes scarf top is my bestest favourite! What a month — you will have to go back to work to have somewhere to were them all!!x

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