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When we were camping recently I thought I would make Mark a couple of things. First up was another long sleeve t-shirt using the Men’s Metro T-Shirt. I have several other men’s t-shirt patterns, but I quite like this one.


I didn’t take a photo of Mark with the t-shirt in action because he hasn’t worn it yet.

The other thing I made him whilst away was a pair of slippers. I’ve made myself a pair (yet to be blogged) and he asked for some. Gasp, he never needs to ask twice! I used the Moonkoosa boot pattern by Tiny Owl Knits, found on Ravelry here

Moonkoosa boots

He got the grey ones without the fringing. These boots are simple to knit and then felt. I used some handspun yarn from Bilby Yarns, and knitted them in the car. The foot part gets knitted, then sewn together, and then a few rows are knitted around the top. Then they look like this!


I put them through two cycles in the washing machine and they turned into this


So much better. Then he asked about wearing them in the garden, so I found a couple of scraps of leather from some that my friend Thelma donated, and blanket stitched them on, and now they look like this

DSC04096 and they work perfectly!

For some time I’ve also been promising to make Mark a white business shirt, and this is possibly the last business shirt I will ever make for him – funny feeling here. Anyway, I used some lovely homespun cotton, which feels and looks like linen (and creases like linen!) and away I went. I have now officially given up on using fusible interfacing in shirts, so used a stiff woven interfacing, and it was wonderful.


(and yes, he needs a shave!!)

The mandatory back view, taken on the run…


It’s a shame that you can’t see the buttons on this shirt. I bought them in Singapore and they are white with black numbers on them, which I thought were cute at the time, but when I got them home I wondered what had possessed me. I used them on this shirt, but turned them so that the back faces the front and all that is visible is a white button with a black line round it. Perfect!


In a nutshell: Mark’s t-shirt is the Men’s Metro t-shirt by Liesl & Co, made from a 100% fleecy cotton bought online from somewhere in the US. Slippers are Tiny Owl Knits Moonkoosa boots handknitted with wool from Bilby Yarns and felted in the washing machine. Shirt is KwikSew 3422 made from homespun cotton bought when I went on an excursion with Sarah from Workspace FADS. Buttons were bought in Singapore when I went shopping with Belinda from my Stashbusting Sewalong group.


8 thoughts on “Makes for Mark

  1. Slippers and boots are gorgeous. I would expect to see these in a little boutique on St Quentin’s. Perhaps a new business enterprise waiting to happen!

  2. Wow love the slippers and good idea to use the leather, might have to check these out a bit more. Impressive shirt and t-shirt for Mark and I really like the touch of black on the buttons a good save.

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