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I found this top at the Art and Design Market in Sydney. It is silk and rather gorgeous and cost all of $20. I am sworn off buying RTW, but I did buy this as I am going to use it as a wearable pattern.


I make wearable muslins so I like the concept of a wearable pattern – indulge me here! You can see the shape more clearly here.


It is such a simple design, I am not sure why I couldn’t have just drawn this freehand. Anyay, I’ve got quite a bit of silk in my stash that I want to use for this sort of style. I’ve been checking out kaftan patterns but just couldn’t bring myself to buy any of them and now I know why.

It is extremely low cut, but goes well over a tube dress.


I used this silk and cotton blend that has been hanging around my stash for a very long time. I loved the buttons when I bought the fabric but then couldn’t imagine what I would make it into.


What’s interesting about the design is that the neck binding is cut on the bias, but the edging around the kaftan is shaped and cut on the grain of the fabric. It took over a metre of fabric just for the edging.I didn’t realise this and used what I thought was spare fabric on my Lutterloh blouse. I then had to find fabric for the inside edge and this apricot silk dupion seemed just right. I love the pop of colour. I didn’t bother with the ruffle around the opening.

The original kaftan had an ordinary hook and eye securing the neckline, but I wanted something a little more interesting so found this Chinese frog closure in my stash, which is perfect.


There are only two seams on this top – the shoulder seams, and I French seamed them. I’ve worn this top twice now, once with the long tube, but also teamed with shorts, and it makes the transition from formal to casual really well.


I wanted the big buttons printed on the fabric to be in a straight line down the front, but they aren’t printed in a straight line, so I had to do the best I could. Ditto on the back, although it would help if I had in on straight!


In a nutshell: Pattern is copied from a RTW kaftan, fabric is silk and cotton blend from Potter Textiles, lining of the border band is apricot silk dupion left over from my Bellini blouse. The shorts are a pair of cotton knit Style Arc leggings that I didn’t have quite enough fabric for, so I cut them off at the calves and can either cuff them above the knee or just scrunch them. This day I scrunched.


30 thoughts on “Kaftan copy

  1. I love the joy of this kaftan copy and your expression ‘pop of colour’ is a brilliant description! It’s bright, fresh, cool and teams fabulously with your shorts!

  2. Very stylish and perfect for wafting about in this hot weather. I love the two prints together. I bet you’ll be making more of these!

    1. I will, Megan, I will. They are actually the same print, the fabric had the dark border going round it. The only different fabric that I added was the apricot silk.

  3. You now have two great caftans. And these shoes ornated with a cherry and a piece of toffee (?) are so yummy. Love the whole outfit!

  4. The button fabric is great and the whole top very pretty. I like the way it can transition from casual to dressy. I even like the touch of apricot! I have a dress that I think of as a wearable pattern. It’s deceptively simple – just pieces of silk that meet and form a ruffle at the centre front. I’m hoping to make it up if we ever get to summer here.

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