Carolyn pyjamas

I’ve made the Carolyn Pyjamas


It is going to get cold here at night fairly soon and my mind has turned to pyjamas. Mark and I have been wearing those free ones you get on long haul flights and, whilst they are nice, soft cotton, they are grey and have a giant kangaroo emblazoned on the front. Glamorous? I don’t think so! So the Carolyn pyjama pattern seemed to hit my inbox just when I was about to start looking for a pattern. I promptly bought it and spent a couple of evenings cutting and sticking. Then I found some cotton flannelette in my stash and the pyjamas were on their way.


Yes, they are a little long. I realised that I was trying them on with shoes, so will turn the hem up before I get round to wearing them.


I am a bit wary about sizing at the moment, so decided on the size 6, but then accidentally traced the size 4 pattern and by the time I realised, I could not face the necessary retracing and, looking at the finished dimensions, I thought I might squeeze into them. I could wear these pyjamas out for lunch, they fit me so well, although the pants are a little low rise. The collar does sit flat, I just need to press it a bit better.


The instructions are easy to follow. I like the pocket design and the faux fly. I did wonder why the top stitching around the front edge was done before the facing was sewn under and the hem was turned up. I unpicked the last couple of centimetres and then resewed it continuing round the corner to the hem. I felt that this looked neater.

I remembered that I bought orange and white polka dot buttons in Hong Kong and was rather thrilled to find that they are almost a perfect match!


The pattern is probably designed for luxurious silk pyjamas that one might live in all day, but I am showered and dressed by 7am and walk pretty much immediately before I go to bed, so spend very little time in nightwear. I wanted something warm, comfy and practical for when I’m camping and these do hit the spot, and I was also able to stashbust fabric that has been hanging around for a goodly while. What is also nice is that I have actually come to know Carolyn as she lives in my home town and we’ve had a couple of meet ups.

I thought that Mark deserved new pyjamas too, but didn’t have a men’s pattern. I simply used my old favourite, Kwik Sew 3663 for the trousers,


and Vogue 8800 for the top, leaving the cuffs off the sleeves.

V8800 pattern

I stashbusted some cotton flannelette which is covered in moose and bears. I figure that he will fit right in with the Australian bush in that little lot! I didn’t ask him to model, so have artfully draped the pyjamas over my kitchen table. Note the sleeve carefully tucked into the pocket :).


In a nutshell: My pyjamas are the  Carolyn pyjamas from Closet Case Files, made from orange and white polka dot flannelette bought at Spotlight. Buttons came from Sham Sho Pui, Hong Kong. Mark’s pyjamas are V8800 and Kwik Sew 3663, made from cotton flannelette also from Spotlight. His buttons came from an op-shop.


32 thoughts on “Carolyn pyjamas

  1. At the risk of repeating myself about your sewing velocity: Sue, you-are-fast! Your take on Carolyn pajama shows that it has a better fit than regular RTW boxy PJs. In fact, the top fits so well that you could definitely use it to make a blouse. Great job for Mark’s pj too! The animal print is awesome.

    1. Thank you Hélène, I’m not sure how comfortable they would be to sleep in as they don’t have a massive amount of ease, but I don’t like baggy PJs. I can recommend the pattern.

  2. These look fantastic! I am inching closer to purchasing the pattern and an amount *cough cough* of beautiful Liberty fabric. Might become one of the most expensive makes to date 🙂

    1. Ooh, Liberty, divine! I have to “shop my stash” and as I don’t have much Liberty, I had to settle for mundane flannelette. I look forward to seeing yours!

  3. I love these! Honestly, previously pyjamas were at the bottom of my “too make” list, but these would be very cozy in winter. I love the colour you chose. The moose and bear ones are great, too. My boyfriend would be so happy if I made so many things for him. He has a ridiculous pair that he has worn into the ground that need to be replaced with “That rolls for me” written all over them in French.

    I also spend very little time in night wear. I sort of have a rule, even if I have to work at home, that I get dressed right away when I get up. I think I spent too many years in grad school mooning about the house in my pyjamas for endless days to want to return to that. Even on Saturdays I get up and put on a proper outfit and then I feel I am ready to do the laundry!

  4. That there looks like Canadian pyjamas with the moose and bears, LOL!

    And your jammies are adorable…I’m a nut for polka dots, and seeing them on those perfectly matching buttons makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

    1. The buttons are fabulous aren’t they? I did a happy dance when I found them. Yes, I think Mark will be feeling very Canadian Mountie whilst he’s roaming around our glamping hideaway!

  5. Only you could make pyjamas that push the boundaries of fashion Fadanista, however I was disappointed that you didn’t have orange thongs (footwear, not undies) on, to complement the stylish night wear!

    As usual, I am very impressed with your output, and the ‘his and hers’ effort shows once again, that you are a caring/sharing sort of girl! Kaftans were great too. x

  6. Love the colour of your pj’s and Mark will have no trouble finding you! The moose and bears are going to scare the local wildlife but I they are very cute. By the way you need to make yourself some matching slippers for your pj’s especially if you are wearing them on your new block!

  7. These look great! The fit is awesome. And thanks for the reminder – when I posted my “how to sew a notched collar” post this week I realized that I forgot to mention turning up the hem prior to topstitching. I have to fix that this week…..

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