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Kaftan copy

I found this top at the Art and Design Market in Sydney. It is silk and rather gorgeous and cost all of $20. I am sworn off buying RTW, but I did buy this as I am going to use it as a wearable pattern. I make wearable muslins so I like the concept of a wearable […]

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A casual tourist’s view of Sydney

Warning: this post has very little to do with sewing and a lot to do with being a tourist. It is media heavy! We are home now, but I thought I would just put up some extra photos of Sydney and will start with the magnificently beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. Here is Mark in that red […]

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Sewing, Stashbusting, Travel

Ginger jeans in yellow

I’ve been desperate to make this yellow denim into some Ginger jeans, and I finally found the energy. I had to find said energy as the pattern I had traced off was a size too big so I had to redo it a size smaller. As you can see I’m wearing my jeans in Sydney, where […]

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Striped Danish

I made this jumper from a Hanne Falkenberg kit which I bought from Karin at Litet Nystan when I was in Stockholm. It is called “Studio” and the above photo is borrowed from the HF website. Hanne Falkenberg is a Danish designer and her work is well worth a look. This jumper took me a while […]

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