Ginger jeans in yellow


I’ve been desperate to make this yellow denim into some Ginger jeans, and I finally found the energy. I had to find said energy as the pattern I had traced off was a size too big so I had to redo it a size smaller. As you can see I’m wearing my jeans in Sydney, where I have been shopping and bought fabric, zips, buttons and wool – eeep! Most of the fabric was for Mark though, so I don’t think that counts – does it?


The sad news? I think these jeans are still a size (or two) too big! The next ones I make will be version B with a higher waist and skinny legs and I will work a bit harder on the fit.


I lined them with a piece of blue and white sheeting from my scrap pile and this gives me great pleasure every time I look inside them, but didn’t manage to get a photo to show you.


When I made the last pair, Heather Lou, the designer, suggested that I reduce the back pocket size to a size 6, but I think they need to go to a 4 or even a 2.


These are the perfect jeans for my trip to Sydney and they have carried me through the day and into a casual dinner. I love some of the buildings in Sydney – how is this for the inside of a bank?


The details: Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans made from yellow denim from Knitwit. Top is the Coco from Tillyandthebuttons, and the belt is made from wide elastic and a 1960s daisy buckle. Thanks to Mark for taking the photos so patiently.


And a last photo of the Opera House lit up at night – sorry for the poor quality, but it’s nice to see the lights projected on the sails.



25 thoughts on “Ginger jeans in yellow

  1. How cool! Yellow is such a fun colour for jeans. And Sidney in the background seems so modern and lively. I must visit this city one day!


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