Summer flanno

I think we’ve established Tom’s obsession with flannel shirts, so I made him one for Christmas that was “flanno-like” but not actual flannel – it’s just a fine cotton which I bought in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong.


I used my usual Kwik Sew 3422, which has been altered to fit Tom’s frame and extra long arms – although he always rolls his sleeves up!


The fabric went off grain, and although I cut each piece out separately, I could not get this one side to match up. I decided that if Tom didn’t care, then I wouldn’t mind too much either.


I managed to match everywhere else perfectly (you can’t even see the pocket), so all was not quite lost.


For some reason I didn’t buy quite enough fabric so the collar stand, undercollar, inside yoke, and inside cuffs are all made from plain red fabric, which Tom really likes, and which can just be seen in some of the photos – here is one which clearly shows the red collar stand – and it looks as though Heidi’s lead is disappearing up his shorts for some reason.


Details: Pattern is Kwik Sew 3422, modified to fit Tom. Fabric came from Hong Kong and is checked cotton shirting, shorts are Country Road, hat is Akubra, dog is Heidi (of course!) and the setting is a farm in Margaret River.

It’s New Year’s Eve, so here is wishing you all a happy new year and a wonderful 2015. Thank you to everyone who took time to read and/or comment on my blog.


12 thoughts on “Summer flanno

  1. Another perfect make on your 2014 list of hits. If I may comment about the model, this boy is terriblement mignon (in English : insanely cute). May 2015 be another great creative year. Your blog is a joy to read and a great source of inspiration!

  2. Very impressive shirt for Tom the look of flanno but the coolness of cotton for the hot dry weather you seem to be having. You certainly had more luck in Sham Shui Po than I did.

    1. Thanks Sharon, we went upstairs into little rooms where they had bolts and bolts of fabric. I found the samples too difficult to look through.

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