2014 roundup

Happy new year everyone! I’ve been a little slow doing this post – blame it on the bush!

I love reading everyone else’s roundups, so have to do one myself. I’ve gone with the 5 best and worst, but do like the way Carolyn does a retrospective of every month, so may do this next year.

When I started listing out my favourite and least favourite makes for 2014, I had many more than 5 in each category, so have whittled it down to these 10 (plus a couple of extras).

Top 5

In no particular order, my favourite makes for 2014 are – drum roll here:

The Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress from the 1970s, posted in October, and of course, anything that goes with certain red soled shoes has to be ok!


Red Leopard Nettie posted in June.


Memory dress posted in August


Vogue 8902


Coco double act, July


I had two top knits for the year, which I am sneakily going to add in:

Hitofude cardigan


Striped Danish


Bottom 5

I chose my epic fails, although the list of candidates for this category was pretty long:

The White Russian for which I knitted the fabric. This was a pretty good idea, but it fell apart when I washed it and ended up in the bin. It also wasn’t very nice to wear – I felt that I was wearing a carpet. If I attempt this again I will choose the yarn much more carefully.


Knitwit 3600 – what was I thinking? A 1970s body shirt?


My Dammit Janet dress. I have now pulled this apart and remade it but it is still not one of my favourite makes.

rocky horror

The pink pants which I made twice and which still don’t appeal to me



Bubbly silk top – such a waste of beautiful fabric. I have only worn this a couple of times.


My biggest fail for the year, however, was not something sewn, it was:

The Dummy!


So that was the year that was. I am hoping for a bit of slower, more thoughtful sewing in 2015, but it’s not really in my personality to take my time. Let’s see how I go.


13 thoughts on “2014 roundup

  1. Happy new year to the Stoney family. I love reading your blogs I just have to get motivated. Enjoy Mag ‘s in the bush. Cheers Suzanne

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  2. I do enjoy these year-end roundups and this one is the most funny of all. I went back to read your January post about the dummy. I had my husband read it too and we had a good laugh because we also worked together on my mannequin a year ago. This was an epic experience but at last we were able to save my dummy (with my sister’s help) and now it is so useful. About your list, I can’t believe you don’t wear the pink linen pants and the silk bubbly top. Both look so laid-back and elegant. Of course, your hits are all awsome, but I do have a preference for the dvf wrap dress. Stunning.

  3. I, too, enjoyed your “dummy” revisit since I missed it somehow when published. I just sat here by myself and giggled. That picture was hilarious. I have considered trying to make myself a “dummy” but I just knew somehow that yours was exactly how mine would turn out. The foam oozing out the cracks is priceless. I am laughing all over again. Tears in my eyes. Since you have such a great helper, please try it again and take good pictures for us. I enjoyed this so much. Happy New Year, love, and God Bless.

  4. What a great sewing year you have had in 2014 Sue. I have enjoyed following your progress since I discovered your blog several months ago. Your productivity simply amazes me and I look forward to seeing what 2015 brings.

  5. You have had an amazing year and it has been very inspiring seeing all your makes and your productivity amazes me! I wonder how I can convince my husband to cook 🙂

  6. Thansk for sharing Sue. Your blogs are a delightful indulgence for me! better than reading a magazine. 🙂

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