Stylearc Billie top

I really took advantage of the 30% off patterns from Stylearc in December, and one of my purchases was the Billie top.


I burrowed in my deep stash and found this fabric, which I bought from the Fabric Cave in Sydney (a kind of up market thrift store for fabric) and from which I have already made this Bronte top. I still have enough left over for a simple t-shirt, which I shall be doing in the new year.

I did some investigation of other people’s makes of this top and found that quite a few omitted the facings. I considered this, but they are a strange shape and I wondered if they had some function other than finishing off the neckline. Sure enough, when I made the top, the right armhole is finished with the facing, giving it a cap effect and making for a very neat appearance inside.


I did originally plan to make this top from a silk/cotton blend, but decided that the facing would be too obvious so went for a more opaque fabric, and I’m pleased that I did. If I make it again I will choose a woven, but will find something that drapes without being too diaphanous. Might be tricky when I examine my stash which is full of sheer, silky fabrics.

The Billie top has one main pattern piece with one side seam, and a large tuck on the right shoulder causing it to drape quite fetchingly. The stretch has to go round the body, which caused the fabric to appear sideways once it was fashioned into this top. At least it wasn’t upside down I guess!


The top came together very fast, slowed down only slightly by a minor puzzle over the facing, but I am so glad that I persevered with it, I do think it made a difference. I love the shape of the neck – it’s slightly square, which I hadn’t noticed when I bought the pattern, although it is fairly obvious on the drawing.


The details: Pattern is StyleArc Billie, a draped top from a single piece of fabric. The fabric I used was bought in an op-shop in Sydney, and I am still glamping in Margaret River.


9 thoughts on “Stylearc Billie top

  1. This turned out really well Sue. Love it. And why have I never heard of this Fabric Cave before? I Have to come up with a plan to get my husband to take me for a drive soon. (I may need someone to carry the fabric for me!)

  2. Love the top and the fabric, but the things I am most amazed by are that: (a) you look so glam when camping; and (b) you are blogging as well. I’m not managing either and I’m at home! Enjoy x

  3. You look stylish and comfortable. So, glamping also means that you have to look glamourous while camping? I totally love that.

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