StyleArc yoga pants

This is another of my StyleArc pattern haul – yoga pants which will probably never see a yoga session as I’m not really into that particular activity.


These are the simplest pants to make – they took me a couple of hours on Christmas Day when I was between activities.

We are currently camping and these are perfect attire for long car trips and the bush. They stretch when and where needed, and they are extremely comfortable. Best of all? They have a pocket for my phone.


I used a cotton knit with a smidge of lycra and they are just stretchy enough. I have no idea where this fabric came from but I am leaning towards Potters Textiles. DSC01546

I also made another Susan top from StyleArc. This is one of the first of their patterns I made  and I still quite like it. I had a little play with the neckline – I’ve raised and lowered the neckline on this pattern several times and felt that it was time for a proper u-shaped neckline, although looking at these photos I am wondering whether I should do a full bust adjustment and a sway back adjustment. I reduced the length of the sleeves to be summer appropriate.


The details: Patterns are StyleArc Becky yoga pants, and StyleArc Susan Top.


Fabric for both garments is cotton knit with spandex, the provenance of which is unknown, but possibly Potter Textiles. Location is a paddock in Margaret River.


11 thoughts on “StyleArc yoga pants

  1. Perfect pants for travel and being comfortable. Be careful of your phone in the back pocket during bathroom trips, guess how I know. Your t-shirt looks light and comfortable and I find the different knits can make those pull lines look a lot different as well.

  2. Are you saying that you sewed pants whilst camping?! This would make you wonder woman I think and would get you triple points for this make. Although I am disappointed you didn’t use the yoga pose from the pattern drawing so I might knock points off for that ;).

    1. Haha, I’m not terribly bendy and would end up on the floor if I did that particular yoga pose. I did consider the Downward Dog pose though, but it’s not the most flattering!

  3. You say you’re not into yoga, but your silhouette says the contrary! Then I guess sewing is your kind of yoga. I’m impressed by the quantity + the quality of outfits you manage to sew and blog about while pursuing so many different activities. Life is great!

  4. The pants fit beautifully! Did you have to make adjustments or is this a TNT pattern for you? I, too, am amazed by the sheer number of things you produce!

    1. I made no adjustments at all to this pattern, I guess the stretchy fabric makes it a bit forgiving. I tend to sew whenever I get the opportunity – I’m a bit OCD about it all!

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