Father and son jeans

I made Mark and Archie jeans for Christmas. I’ve made a couple of pairs for Archie (here and here), but I’ve never made them for Mark before.

Comparing notes – mine are tighter than yours!

Mark’s jeans are the same size as Archie’s, I’ve just taken about six inches out of the width of the legs of Archie’s, whereas Mark’s are the original “old man” jeans. They are also made from the same denim, but Archie’s look darker for some reason.


Mark has declared them to be the most comfortable jeans he’s ever owned, but that’s not saying much as none of his jeans are what you’d call modern!


I used my Singer Featherweight for all the top stitching. It does such a great job – an example of the belt loops here.


By comparison, topstitching on my Bernina has a multitude of skipped stitches.

Mark also wore the linen shirt I made him some time ago.


The details: Pattern is Kwik Sew 3504, same size for both Mark and Archie, but considerably skinnied for Archie. Fabric is stretch denim from M Recht, Sydney, Mark’s shirt is Kwik Sew 3422 from striped linen.

Heidi also did well this Christmas, and the cartilage Christmas cracker was very well received!



12 thoughts on “Father and son jeans

  1. Amazing job! Both jeans are perfect and both guys look handsome and cool in their own style. They’re so lucky to have someone who can sew like this. Making some pieces for my husband and my 14-year-old son is also be on my list of goals for 2015. A merry Christmas and a marvelous New Year to you and your wonderful gang!

  2. Wonderful job !! They look great and I know they will enjoy them for years to come. Love the little featherweights !! They are a mighty little work horse of the sewing machine world !! Never saw one that did not do beautiful Top Stitching.

  3. Very smart jeans and interesting to see the difference with the leg width from the same pattern. Roscoe got the same gift as Heidi he was very happy with his.

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