Bluegingerdoll Bonnie top

I am not sure how or why I finished up buying this pattern, but having made it up, I am a total convert!


It is the Bluegingerdoll Bonnie, which is a vintage inspired cropped top for knit fabric with 50% stretch and good recovery. I used the leftover fabric from my latest Moneta dress.


This is a really simple little top to make and the instructions are easy to follow. I did the small neckline, but next time will take it out to the boat neck. I think that the flutter sleeves are quite sweet too and add to the vintage look, but have a yearning to do the 3/4 sleeves in the near future.


The sleeves are gathered at the top but I pressed the seam towards the shoulder which made them sit a bit flatter – a trifle less ’70s!


Already I am inspired to make another of these – I quite like the idea of turning it into a cropped cardigan. My only issue with any sort of cropped top is what to team it with. I don’t want to inadvertently flash my midriff and scare small children, and I don’t feel comfortable wearing it with tight trousers, so I tried the shorts.


I can feel some sort of high waisted bias-cut skirt appearing in my wardrobe in the not too distant future!

The details: Pattern is Bluegingerdoll Bonnie made from leftover fabric. The shorts are pattern M from Casual Sweet Clothes and the sandals are Castell from Castell in Claremont.

And a final out of focus photograph – the camera was clearly focused on the Frangipani tree!



5 thoughts on “Bluegingerdoll Bonnie top

  1. I’m not found either of gathered shoulders but the way you pressed these makes it perfect. BTW, a cropped cardigan (in a solid colour) would look nice with your moneta.

  2. Great summer top and really like the way the gathered sleeves look with the seam allowance pressed to the shoulder. A high waisted skirt would look great with this top.

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