A boy and his dog


A couple of people have asked me how Heidi is going, so I thought I’d include her in this blog post.

After repeated requests I have made Tom yet another flannel shirt. I made all the original ones from cheap fabric bought locally, but they tear really easily so a few months ago I thought I’d push the boat out and imported fabric (at vast expense) from the US. This is gorgeous fabric. It is thick and fluffy and the minute the shirt was proffered it was on his back.


It is Kwik Sew 3422, and I have made so many of these I keep thinking I should try a different pattern. But why fix it if it ain’t broke, so on I go.


Heidi clearly approves! Once again I put the yoke on the cross grain to eliminate pattern matching, and this time I didn’t put the inside yoke across the grain. This worked so much better.


Heidi has grown a tad since I introduced her to this blog. She must be about 7 months old now and is becoming quite well-trained. She can shake hands and roll over and do the regular behaviours such as heel, sit, drop and stay. As well as this she is totally adorable!

I didn’t put the pocket on the cross grain as I was trying to conserve fabric; I might just squeak another shirt from the leftovers.DSC00844 The details: Shirt is Kwik Sew 3422 which has now been perfectly tweaked to Tom’s preferences. Fabric was bought online at Fabric.com. Models are Tom and Heidi. Neither of them were interested in posing.DSC00811


6 thoughts on “A boy and his dog

  1. Funnily enough, neither ever want to pose for me either! Gorgeous pics. The flanno has been added to a very loved and well-worn pile!! Thanks Sue x

  2. You’ve certainly got that pattern nailed. One day I might make a shirt and this could be the pattern to use. Great pics, very natural.

  3. Tom’s shirt looks great and Heidi is adorable – Heidi clearly needs a flannel scarf around her neck to match her owner especially if you are going to do a photo shoot.

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