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A few people have asked me for more photos from our recent Hobart trip, so I thought I would just package them into one post so anyone not interested didn’t need to look.

One of the many interesting places in Hobart is the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). The MONA was built by a private individual and it has become quite an iconic part of Hobart. No trip is complete without a visit. This is the view from across the river.DSC00737The building is rather unprepossessing, but inside is a revelation. It is built into the side of a capstone sandstone cliff and you enter from the top and make your way down through the exhibition. The walls of the cliff are part of the exhibition (sorry about dodgy photo)


Outside is this rather wonderful life size sculpture


The MONA has wonderful restaurants and coffee shops as well as a winery.

One of the things about Hobart is that everywhere you go there is a wonderful view. Here we were just wandering the streets around Mark’s mother’s house and came across a really pretty tree with this fabulous backdrop.


Unfortunately though, underground power has not come to Hobart.DSC00659

One of the stories Mark always tells is that he was driving across the bridge on a teenage newspaper delivery mission and came across a slight issue – a drunken ship captain had ploughed his ship into the bridge bringing it down. You might be able to see that there is an uneven gap on the far right hand side and that is because the ship is still down there – the Derwent River is very deep. The other big gap is to allow the ships through.DSC00749

This photo is really apropos of nothing – Mark managed to capture me elegantly stepping over a fenceDSC00752

and then doing a Sound of Music style twirl on the grass!DSC00755

In Hobart you are never far from Antarctic expeditions and this building has popped up since my last visit.DSC00764

Tasmania is also becoming famous for its gin and whisky distilleries. Lark produces both and is becoming quite famous. We bought some of their wares at the Salamanca Markets.DSC00765

In an earlier post I showed the Salamanca Markets in full swing. This is what they look like on a regular day, lovely buildings with nice galleries, but not quite as exciting. DSC00768


Just another view. Aren’t those sandstone buildings divine?DSC00770

One of my (and most tourists’) favourite spots is Battery Point and Arthur’s Circus. This area has a concentration of the quaint houses that are all over Hobart. Look at this little pair:DSC00778

They probably raised 10 children in these houses!DSC00780

I took the opportunity for a bit of a swing in the middle of the circle. It was around 2pm so I didn’t have to subtly nudge any five year olds out of the wayDSC00784

I included this house because it belonged to the family of one of Mark’s childhood friends. I think it is now a small hotel.DSC00786

Wrest Point Casino is one of Hobart’s claims to fame (why?) and it can just be seen in the distance across the river (the building with the tower). It’s getting a bit tired now imho. This photo shows why almost every house has a lovely outlook – everyone lives on the side of a hill. Mark’s Mum can see the Derwent when she looks one way, and the mountain when she looks the other.DSC00787

Hobart is an interesting place to walk around – there are almost no flat streets, as a result of aforementioned hills.DSC00791

This is the steepest street in Hobart, it is called Mellifont Street and our boys used to call it Melanoma Hill when they were young (don’t ask me why). It doesn’t look much here, but trust me it is steep. Archie gave me conniptions once by skateboarding down it. The boys (including Mark) love driving up and down this street and it is like being on a fairground ride as you have to have a big run up and have your foot flat to the floor to get up it.


This quaint little boat shed is on the road to Sandy Bay. I don’t think it’s very clear but there are little boats sitting under those green roofs. Cute huh?DSC00798

I put this photo in out of nostalgia – this is Mark’s alma mater, the University of Tasmania.DSC00806and finally, how is this for a photo?   It’s a little way out of Hobart, but I liked the colours and clouds so much I had to include it.



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