Little Red Riding Hood meets White Russian

OK, so I got too carried away with those White Russians and decided I wanted to do a couple of slight modifications. I wanted a hood. I wanted it to be longer. I didn’t want a hem band. I wanted it to flare out more. You get the picture.

Everything was simple except for the hood. I added 3 inches to the length and dipped it a bit at the back, did a little in and out shaping of the bodice and then drafted a hood. Actually I ripped off a hood from a Lutterloh pattern. I wanted one of those drapey ’70s sorts of hoods. What I got was a cross between Little Red Riding Hood and Jack the Ripper. It was awful. No photos, I don’t want to soil your eyes and upset small children.


I took the hood off, and used some bias cut fabric at the neck. I did this because I am having the dickens of a time getting that neck trim to sit flat. As it was I took the bias off twice, reducing it in length each time and judging by the photos I think I have cracked it.

Apart from all that, I am ok with this top, but am reminded why I use patterns and don’t try to do my own thing. I am the same with recipes when I do occasionally cook – I can’t vary a single thing or I have a disaster on my hands.


The fabric is a lovely organic cotton sweatshirt fleece in Poinsettia Red from This fabric has drape and is cosily warm. Perfect for a trip to Hobart, Tasmania, which is where I am currently. Brace yourselves, dear readers, I am going to take you on a whistlestop tour of Hobart whilst showcasing some of my latest makes. You will notice that they are pretty much all of the fleecy variety and that is because it is usually freezing cold in Hobart irrespective of the season.  DSC00605 Here I am at Runnymede a beautiful home that is now in the hands of the Tasmanian National Trust. Not only is the house gorgeous, but the grounds are stunning.

DSC00600 This is some sort of fruit tree and is a rare sight in Perth, but everywhere here in Hobart.

DSC00613 The details: top is a red White Russian from Capital Chic Patterns made from a fine fleece from Jeans are not yet blogged. Setting is Runnymeade, a National Trust house in Hobart.


6 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood meets White Russian

  1. Its good to see you so happy and the red looks perfect for a holiday in Hobart. The house and grounds are amazing. Tx

  2. Well done to double up for the OPOW challenge. I think the zips was a good idea, but think the “tacked version” is the best one. I hope you can finish it. Also I think the idea of knitting then making a jumper is very adventurous. Well done!

    1. Thank you. I might have another go at knitting some fabric as I have some French boucle fine cotton. Scared of wasting it though. I was thinking about those pesky zips yesterday and wondering whether red ones would be better? I think I might have too much dull blue on the top and that’s why I don’t like it much.

  3. Love the way you have refashioned the White Russian, and interesting about the neckline. Gorgeous colour and Hobart is such a lovely place to visit.

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