OWOP day 7 and roundup

Today is the last day of One Week One Pattern and I have enjoyed the challenge. I might have enjoyed it more had I not challenged myself to two patterns, but oh well!

Today I’m wearing a new White Russian, which can’t really be described as it is multi-coloured and I stupidly decided to embellish it with zips. Still, you can’t know unless you try, right?DSC00568

This was a real stashbust. I had this multicoloured cotton knit that I bought on sale and decided that I needed/wanted some contrast to break it up. I fossicked in the waste bag and came up with this blue fabric that is actually the wrong side of some blue and white stripe which I used for a Coco and a dress.

I also decided, for some reason that I wanted zips and didn’t have any the right colour, so used the wrong colour and “covered” them with strips of the blue fabric.


I think this may have been ok as I wanted to tie the coloured bands into the body a bit better, but I made the strips a bit wide. I am planning to pull this all apart (tonight) and redo it.


I have been pulling stray threads off the top all day – I have no idea where they all came from as some did not seem to relate to the top, but they were gone by the time I got to work. I couldn’t make the neck sit flat, no matter how many times I took that band off, so in the end I decided that it was intended to sit up like that! As always, I prefer the back view.DSC00567

The second part of my OWOP is the Vogue 1247 skirt, and I decided at the last minute that this top went best with the camel skirt from yesterday, so pardon me for wearing a skirt two days in a row. Very poor organisation!

{update} I rushed home from work and removed the zips.


Then I decided that I liked the concept of the zips and had another go. I made them a bit straighter and a bit lower. They are only tacked on here. What do you think, shall I keep them or not?


Roundup of the week’s outfits for OWOP:

Day One OWOP
Day two OWOP
Day Three OWOP
Day Four OWOP
Day Five OWOP
Day Six OWOP
Day Seven, OWOP

Incidentally, I inadvertently wore a third pattern all week – the Indigorchid t-shirt undies. I won’t bore you with photos but I wore them all once and a couple of them twice. Quite pleased with the over achieving 🙂


10 thoughts on “OWOP day 7 and roundup

  1. I actually liked the zippers. The current Position is a bit wide…visually the eye is pulled to examine the zipper detail and moving them out doesn’t create the line I believe you are looking for w the addition of them. The first position sort of looked like hoody pockets…it worked. (Though I’m not the most creative person around…that’s my perspective!) I really like this make on you. The color is great!

  2. Sue I really agree with Pam.The zips are actually very nice they give the top a modern touch. Colours are beautifully matched too.

  3. Amazing amount of labour in this week Sue! Very inspiring. Lose the zips or move them. 🙂 Have one as a faux opening at the back of the top instead of two zips? i’m with Jane, tres chic on day 6 and classic on day 5!

  4. Hi Sue! You now officially have more White Russians than I do 🙂
    My favourite I think is the white one from day 5, though I can’t get over how you knitted your own fabric for day 4 too! Sterling effort.
    My take on the zips is they look better vertical than at an angle – maybe consider cutting a slit in the sweatshirt behind the zips and wearing it with them half closed? Just an idea!

  5. All of them are good, but I happen to especially like day 1 and day 5, with day 6 close behind. The only version I’ve made of Vogue 1247 was WAY too short, but I have another one cut out right now and ready to go, to which I’ve added 10 inches (!).

    1. Yes, how short is that skirt? I am quite short so tend to add around 9 inches, but it is a great pattern for stashbusting because it doesn’t use much fabric and I’ve added bands on to the bottom. Thanks for your supportive comments!

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