Recycled Vogue 1247

My friend Thelma gave me this lovely camel coloured stretch fabric when she made her donationย to my stash last year. I saw it as a coat and made it into this vintage jacket.

Weigel's beach coat

Unfortunately it was a disaster! It was too stiff. I unpicked the whole thing and tucked it away. Then Repurpose, Reuse and Refashion month happened and I dragged it out again.


Given that it wasn’t suitable for a jacket, I thought I would make it into my old fave – Vogue 1247.

With some careful cutting out it worked a treat


You’ll note that I had to put a band round the bottom to give it a bit of length.


I had a lot of trouble with the zip and finished up not using an invisible zip, but sewing in a lapped one.DSC00548So, this is what I wore for One Week One Pattern, Day 6 together with my Black White Russian.DSC00558

The details: Skirt is Vogue 1247 made from some fabric gifted to me and reworked from a jacket. Top is the Black White Russian from Capital Chic Patterns. Shoes are vintage 1970s Zanin, bought new from Circa Vintage (they are the most dreamily comfortable shoes), and the necklace is Blue Scarab from Heaven Wrapped.


10 thoughts on “Recycled Vogue 1247

  1. Yes it is much better as a skirt and I think the band adds to it (in more ways than one). I have been makIng Renfrewshire and I love the addition of a band at the hem and sleeves. It lifts it out of the ordinary casual sweatshirt to something quite stylish and it’s the same with your skirt.

  2. I haven’t really being making Renfrewshire, that was made many years ago. I have been making Renfrews. Sometimes predictive text is too clever for its own good.

  3. Black & Camel is always such a classy color combination! In the past when I’ve not had enough fabric, I’ve inserted a 2″- 2 1/2″ piece of lace.
    I like the way your band makes the skirt drape. Is the band cut on the same grain as the skirt? It seems to be. Did you use light interfacing in the band?

    1. Thanks Pam, I also like the colour combo. The band is cut on the same grain as the skirt and I didn’t interface it because that would never occur to me! The fabric is pretty stiff already though so probably wouldn’t need it even if I had thought about it.

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