Black pants with zip pocket

I’ve made Mark a number of new trousers lately and he asked for some with a zipped pocket to make things more secure when we’re travelling. Hmm, I thought I could manage this.

I used KwikSew 3663, his and my old favourite


and used some of the cotton fabric that Mark brought back from Sri Lanka.

DSC00618These trousers are a bit more formal than the usual tracksuit pants that I make him. I added the zipped pocket as previously mentioned, and although I didn’t have anything to copy, I think it worked out quite well. He’s happy anyway 🙂


I also added a faux fly which will never be seen (unless he takes to tucking his shirt in – eek!), but it lifted them out of the tracksuit pant department and more into the regular trousers realm.


Excuse the runners, we’ve walked our legs off on this trip and we’ve both gravitated towards runners for the sake of our feet and legs. Not the best look, I was going to cut his feet out of the photo but it looked silly.


You all know what he’s thinking here, don’t you!


The details:

Pattern is KwikSew 3663 which I must have made 30 times by now. The fabric was bought by Mark in Colombo, Sri Lanka and is a very high grade cotton with a fine hand. The top is this Rugby. Setting is Hobart. We won’t discuss the shoes.



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