Denim blue undies

I have made me another set of underwear


I had to rush these through as I am trying to wear me made undies for Me Made May ’14 and I keep running out, having to handwash them constantly. I have decided to make one set a week, so brace yourselves!

The bra is Kwik Sew 3300, and the panties/knickers/briefs are Kwik Sew 2100. These are the hipster version, but frankly they remind me of old lady knickers, they look so large. Having said that, they fit me perfectly and are definitely hipster, so I’m not sure what all that says about me!

The set came from a kit I bought at Booby Traps ages ago, and I can’t say I love the fabric, so my next set will be using the Maker’s Journal Tried and True version from some lovely cotton.

I am currently working interstate, so am having a little sewing hiatus, will be back into it at the weekend!



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