Yet another vintage shirt


…with advance apologies for the grainy photos, but I was on my way to the airport and it was pitch dark.


This is the Knitwit 3600 shirt pattern with a collar modification from the last time, so it’s not quite as ’70s – luckily I’m not a purist!

Instead of using a knit, I used a cotton/spandex blend and it worked just as well. I modified the collar with the Archer pattern, but don’t think I took it far enough, the collar stand is still quite big.


However, I am pretty thrilled with the fit of the rest of it. As mentioned before, this is the quickest shirt make ever. There are no darts, and I was a bit concerned that this fabric would require them, but I think I got away with it, but may be only just!

Once again, I spent longer on choosing the buttons and finally found enough of one sort in my mother’s stash.


I was pretty pleased with these.What I wasn’t pleased about was that pulled thread at the front, which of course sticks out like the proverbial, especially on a zoomed in photo – I shall be doing a spot of colouring in with a texta!

The details: So this was made from Knitwit 3600, a vintage pattern from 1976.

The fabric is from my stash and was bought at Spotlight on super, mega sale. I did have four metres of it, now reduced nicely. The buttons came from my stash, but I had to buy the thread (gasp!).


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  1. I love this shirt on you Sue and fabric is really different – as in good different. I miss your other model though.

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