Pink Scout


I have a couple of trips to warmer climes planned and so I am making some simple clothes to take.

I have made a couple of Grainline Scout tees to coordinate with skirts and shorts, and this is one of them, made from some fabric from my stash.


Once I started I decided that the whole thing was a bit blah, so I unpicked it and added a band of entredeux at the neckline.


To do the entredeux I used a wing needle (which I found in my needle stash). These needles are wide and punch holes in the fabric.

wing needle

I also added a tearaway stabiliser behind the fabric (in retrospect I should have added washaway, but never mind), selected the stitch (sometimes called “ladder stitch) on my machine and sewed round a line.  I found this to be a bit nerve wracking, but I’m not sure why – twenty years ago I did loads of heirloom sewing and did this to everything.


I then tore the stabiliser away – here in progress


and then continued to make the shirt.

I was quite pleased with the finished result, but had to work hard to make the bias trim on the neckline look neat, and I think that it could still be better.


Actually, after all that effort I’m not sure that the trim is even obvious!

I didn’t bother to do the entredeux around the back neckline, and whilst I was making up I did a mental head slap by thinking that I could have just added a pocket to give it interest!



In summary, the pattern is Grainline Scout Woven Tee, the fabric is a fine cotton from Potter’s Textiles. I used a wing needle and the ladder stitch function to add the entredeux around the neck.

I have to post this photo of Tom and his puppy, Heidi, as I know that there will be many friends and family hanging out to see it (oh ok, not hanging out, but vaguely interested 🙂 )






4 thoughts on “Pink Scout

  1. Hi Sue,

    I love the pink T-Shirt. It falls really nicely and the neck looks very professional.

    …and I LOVE Heidi….what a stunning puppy…



    Rachel Wicking ________________________________________

  2. I like the top and as hot pink is one of my favourite colours it gets a thumbs up.
    As for Tom and puppy very cute and we want more pictures……………………

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