Me Made May Day 4

Sorry about the title – no imagination today!

This top is made from yet more fabric donated to me by my most generous friend Thelma.


I used Vogue 8793 without the fancy bits at the neck. I notice that the fabric has bunched up under the arms, but when I had another look, I just hadn’t dressed myself properly. I just needed to pull the top down. Although I will mention that this particular top has very skinny sleeves which don’t help.

I had such a small amount of material to play with that I committed the (probably) heinous crime of splitting the sleeves into two and seaming them.


The colour is much more grey/blue than in the photo above, but you get the idea.

I absolutely love this fabric, it is quite thick with a firm stretch and it is silky on the inside. I did consider putting some of the inside on the outside as contrast, but it looked so different that it didn’t quite work. Thelma also donated a fabulous skirt for me to refashion, which has a print in an identical colour to this top. I cannot wait to get to it and wear them together.DSC08454

I teamed the top with my StyleArc Elle pants and a StyleArc wrap.



Details: top is Vogue 8793 and is made from fabric donated from my friend’s stash to mine. The pants are StyleArc Elle and the black thing is a StyleArc wrap. Shoes are Letizia from Letizia, Claremont.DSC08447


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