Short Gabriola skirt

DSC08100My recent trip to New Zealand has slowed my production down somewhat, and I have had three things on my sewing table with a huge bank up of fabrics on another table! For days now I have felt as though nothing much has been happening and then suddenly I have two skirts ready to go. Skirt number one is actually the second of the Sewaholic Gabriola skirts that I’ve made – and it is a short version.


I didn’t follow the sewalong for this one, so it got finished a little faster, but oh my word, I had so many issues! First of all the fabric was donated to my stash by my lovely friend Thelma, and I’ve had it for a few months now. When it persisted in falling out of the cupboard I knew it wanted to be made into something, and I thought it would make a short Gabriola. However, I didn’t really examine the fabric too closely and somehow (how?) I didn’t notice that it has a stripe in it, so I blithely cut it out and then spent hours trying to match variable stripes. I also hadn’t cut the yokes on the cross grain and when I sewed it all together I decided I wanted the yokes to create a chevron, so unpicked it all, recut the yokes and sewed it back together (and now I don’t think you can see it anyway). Then the waistband didn’t fit, and I realised that I sewed a couple of the yokes on upside down – more unpicking and this fabric does not like being unpicked. It is really hard to get all the angles right when retrofitting the yokes, and I suspect that I stretched the fabric because I do have a weird bubble which I am still to resolve. Anyway, it finally got finished, I am very pleased to say, it has been worn and enjoyed, so all’s well that ends well.


The fabric is gorgeous and drapey but I’m not sure about the addition of the belt. I thought it was a good match, but it is too close and yet too far from the skirt pattern. I also find it difficult to see the yokes on the skirt because the fabric pattern is busy, but it fits perfectly, so I don’t think I mind that too much.


I like the shape of the skirt, with the 6 gores, although I had been tempted to make them wider, but am quite pleased that I didn’t, as it may have been too voluminous.

The details:

Pattern is the Sewaholic Gabriola skirt

Fabric was donated to my stash

Belt is Leona Edmiston, bought in Sydney and which I’ve had for a few years

Shoes are Letizia from Letizia Claremont (and how well do they match??)

Necklace is enamelled copper from a gallery in The Rocks, Sydney (and may have been a touch too far in this outfit)


15 thoughts on “Short Gabriola skirt

  1. That fabric is dreamy!! And, I love the whorls in the print with the shape of this skirt. It looks great on you.

  2. Sensational Sue – Certain fabric in the right hands (with imaginative patterns and a lust for unpicking if the garment isn’t ‘perfect’) elevates it from ‘why on earth did I buy this’ to ‘sheesh, how good is that fabric!’

    Always interested in what you make and this outfit is just great. x Thelma

  3. Even in a print I think this skirt has great drape and hangs so nicely. I’m glad you persevered because we can’t see any of your struggles in the finished garment. It’s nice to see what this looks like in the short length too.

  4. Oh, another amazing make! Your style combines fun and class, and you always look fantastic! *clicking over to Sewaholic site with credit card in hand*

      1. After discovering how much that pattern cost, I looked into my heart and asked myself if I really, really need it. My heart said: Hell yeah, but not right now… So I’m sitting on my hands pattern-wise. However, I just purchased 10 meters of fabric, so you know… But don’t tell people in the group!

  5. I LOVE this short version on you and so glad you made it! I was unsure how the long version would look on me but after seeing it modified will buy the pattern.

    1. Thank you! It’s a lovely pattern, and I like both the long and the short. I will have a look at yours when you’ve made it!

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