Not so small smalls!

Years ago I used to make my underwear, but as I got older felt that I needed something a bit more engineered. However, there are several bloggers who have been inspiring me to give it another go, including handmadebycarolyn and now Tasia from Sewaholic, sooo I stashbusted some fabric and some of my mother’s bra making bits and came up with this (and no, I’m not going to model underwear!). As usual, this is a muslin that finished up in my undies drawer. I can’t bear to be wasting any fabric or effort.


It is surprisingly comfortable and the shape is pretty good (although I can see the seams through t shirts), so  I’m now ready to risk some lace and make some sets – coming soonish!

Pattern is Kwiksew 3300

Fabric is some lycra type stuff from Knitwit. I used some straps that I found in my mother’s stash – looking at the packet, I think they would be from the ’50s or ’60s! I probably should not have used them, but I’m sick of them in the drawer and they worked brilliantly.


Unfortunately I took all the photos and then realised two days later that I didn’t have a media card in the camera – such a muppet! So all I have left of the vintage strap packet is the packet itself – I had taken a lovely photo of it with the straps neatly wrapped, but you get the idea as to the vintage.

I discovered lots of picot edged elastic, so that got used too. The only things I bought were the underwires, the underwire casing and the hook and eye closure. Mum even had the power net.


Apologies if I’ve offended any sensibilities with my smalls, but hold tight because there will be more coming!


13 thoughts on “Not so small smalls!

    1. Yes, the pattern goes from 32A,B,C, D – 38 B, C, D, DD, so covers most sizes. Power net is funny stretchy stuff used for the back band.

    1. I am hyperactive (truly!) and can’t just sit and watch tv. My husband always bemoans the fact that he doesn’t have a comatose wife!

  1. Very impressive Sue,…I may be tempted to have a go at this having seen the results of your efforts. Really nice.

  2. That looks pretty good for a muslin. Bras and undies are on my to do list, but they are a bit daunting. – so please keep posting, it will help me build up my courage!

    1. I cut out a lace bra last night, but also doing the Gabriola skirt sewalong, so it might take a while. I am so sick of paying $80 for a bra made in China, and it was quite easy to do. You can buy kits if you can’t find all the bits!

  3. This turned out really fantastic! thanks for mentioning me too 🙂 I’m pretty sure the pattern is still current, in the catalogue as well as on the club bmv website, and bra kits are available through booby trap. Making bras is a fun challenge and I love how you hardly need any fabric at all ;D !

    1. My pleasure – you really turned my thoughts to making underwear, and I am so pleased with the results. I’ve bought a couple of kits from Boobytraps, so I’m looking forward to playing with them!

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