So peachy

So this is take two on the underwear front, but this time I have made a set.

I had bought a couple of kits from Boobytraps and this is the first one I’ve used. Whilst it was lovely to have all the various bits and bobs to hand, I somehow managed to run out of fabric for the knickers, so finished up making the ones from So Sew Easy out of all the left over lace. To be frank, I think I’m a little old for them, and whilst writing the post title I had considered substituting orange peel for peachy!!


They appear to be quite comfortable but a day in the office will be the big test (actually just the long commute to the office will be a test!).

Anyway, this is now out of my stash and I have about another four to go.

I did a really good job of the trial bra, but note that my stitching of the underwire casing is looking dodgy. I have managed to find a similar bra with no underwire, so will make that next and compare.


All the supplies are from Boobytraps

Bra pattern is Kwik Sew 3300

Knickers pattern is from So Sew Easy.


7 thoughts on “So peachy

  1. What a lovely combo of fabric and lace. Keep the bra posts coming! I need all the inspiration I can get. I’m hoping by the end of tomorrow I’ll have made my first bra. I’m alternating between excitement and terror!

  2. Never too old for gorgeous lacy affair…I love this set. Really beautiful and delicate. So pretty, Sue. Rachel

    1. Thanks Roma, no, just whizzed round it with the machine. It might have looked better if I’d hand stitched it, but it then might fall apart!

  3. I am unspeakably impressed that you were clever enough to make an actual bra!!! It looks so professional! I hope the combo passed the test of a day at the office.

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