Another pencil skirt


Honestly, the titles of my posts are becoming more mundane by the day. I need another theme!
Anyway, I made another pencil skirt following the sloper I made using So Sew Easy’s wonderful tutorial.


Not a lot to say about this skirt really. It fits me better than the green one as I finally decided that my waist isn’t as fat as I always think it is, so made it the proper size – although it could be even tighter – I might have to adjust the block a bit.

I didn’t use an invisible zip as I didn’t have one the right colour in my stash, whereas I have so many regular zips of every length and hue (my mother’s collection is substantial and she donated it to me). In fact, going through the zip pile I can almost trace the history of zips, I’ve certainly have some that were pre-plastic.


I had been sitting in it all day at work, so it’s a bit creased at the back, but the vent worked well. This was my one addition to the basic block. I must be more adventurous with what I do with it – next time methinks there will be pockets!

The details:

Pencil skirt drafted from So Sew Easy’s tutorial

Fabric is cotton drill that I’ve had so long that I forget where I bought it

Top is my liquorice allsorts t shirt


8 thoughts on “Another pencil skirt

  1. Everything you sew looks so great! You Inspire me to keep practicing- I know I have so such to learn. You also have such beautiful backdrops, visiting Perth becomes a higher priority with every post you make…

    Do you have any tips for people starting out, or is it just a matter of hours spent practicing?

    1. Hi Leonie, perfect practice does make perfect! I would recommend the Craftsy courses. They often have them on sale, and they do mean that you can watch them endlessly, but still ask questions. Glad you are enjoying the backdrops – so nice with the sunny weather… Thank you for inspiring me!

  2. I love the new skirt. Thanks for linking out to my drafting tutorial. Whenever I’m looking for a quick to sew project I often run up another of these. Uses just a yard of fabric, always fits, no alterations needed. What’s not to love about that! And I agree, your backdrops are lovely. Deby at So Sew Easy.

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